It's Thanksgiving! A day here in the U.S. when overeating, oversleeping and over-sports-ing are not only acceptable, they're almost encouraged. (Just like most days!) Regardless of how you've felt about what's going on in the world at large, there are many different worlds on our televisions that we have been very thankful for in 2016. Technically, too many exist to count, but there are binge-sessions to get through before 2017 begins, so we've limited it to the following items. Raise your glasses and forks and turkey legs and read on!

For Negan's Arrival

From April to October, fans of The Walking Dead rabidly fretted over the big mystery victim bludgeoned by Jeffrey Dean Morgan's new villain Negan, barely taking the time to appreciate the leather-wearing character's arrival. But now that Negan has cemented his foul-mouthed and domineering presence during Season 7, his threat-laden charisma and brute force have completely changed the zombie drama in huge and enjoyable ways. We are also thankful for Lucille and Simon's mustache.

For South Park's Member Berries

"Memba' Bionic Man?" South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker have taken their satire-soaked comedy to new serialized heights, and Season 20 has offered up one of the long-running series' greatest elements in "member berries." This superfruit preys on people's embrace of nostalgia, with its many berries' voices constantly overlapping in celebrating the memory of days past. "Memba' Slimah?" "Memba' Chewbacca?" Elections and internet trolls are great, but they can't compete to funny fruit. "Memba' Chewbacca again?"

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