How About Stephanie Tanner Making Out With Kimmy's Brother During Fuller House Season 2?

Netflix has officially released the first footage of what's coming next out of the extended Tanner family on Fuller House, and it's already easy to see that Season 2 will be filled with as much family-friendly fun and goofy surprises as we got in Season 1. One of the most unexpected sneak peeks from the trailer has to be Stephanie's skip toward first base in the backyard with none other than Jimmy Gibbler.


Poor Stephanie. D.J. gets a dreamy veterinarian and a surprisingly hunky Steve as her love interests, and Stephanie gets a male version of Kimmy who is apparently always ready for a spontaneous jig with his big sister. Judging by the expression on Steph's face, Jimmy gets strikes one and two for his Gibbler-osity and his sparkle dance skills. I don't want to say that first base is about as far as Stephanie and Jimmy will be going in Season 2, but it doesn't look like they'll get off to the greatest start. The way I see it, Fuller House could play the Stephanie/Jimmy relationship one of two major ways.

Fuller House could play the spit swap for laughs as a one-off and then leave Stephanie and Jimmy as pals who just happened to make out in a backyard one day. It could be downright endearing to see that any Tanner and any Gibbler are bound to be friends, no matter how rocky their start. If Jimmy has as much in common with Kimmy as early reports indicated, he's bound to be on board with all the inevitable shenanigans that go down in the Fuller House home. Plus, Adam Hagenbuck has signed on to play Jimmy for multiple episodes, so that's a sign.

The other option for how Fuller House could handle Stephanie and Jimmy would be to go full West Side Story, Fuller House edition. Their love is forbidden because of where they were born, and their families don't approve of a torrid romance between them. They share a moment before they realize all the differences that would surely separate them if only their feelings were not so strong. Stephanie can croon love songs and Jimmy can express his feelings through the art of dance. Nobody necessarily has to get shot - spoiler alert? - and die, but it could go down as one of the most epic fluffy relationships ever to blossom on Netflix. Besides, who's to say that the sparkle and spank dance isn't the Gibbler version of preparing for a rumble?

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Luckily, we don't have to wait too much longer to find out if Stephanie and Jimmy are bound to be pals or destined to be impassioned lovers inspiring salacious stories for ages to come. If Kimmy's husband is anything to go by, the Gibblers do enjoy a frenzied romance. Check out Netflix on December 8 to catch Season 2 of Fuller House, and be sure to check out our breakdown of what we know so far about what's to come.

Laura Hurley
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