Fox debuted one of the most unique and promising new series of Fall 2016 with Pitch. The drama was set to follow the life of the first woman ever to make it to the majors in professional baseball. Ginny Baker is a pitcher who faces nearly insurmountable odds in a sports culture that seems designed to exclude her. She becomes a celebrity from the moment that she's added to the roster for the San Diego Padres, and the first season so far has seen her trying to balance stardom with her sport.

Pitch has been a pretty stellar series throughout its first season, but the ratings have sadly not delivered as well as fans hoped. While the numbers aren't terrible, they're also not fantastic, and Fox has yet to announce a renewal or cancellation. Check out our list of reasons why Pitch deserves a second season.

You Don't Need To Know Baseball

Pitch was...well, pitched from the beginning as a show about a woman joining Major League Baseball. The first trailer opened on images of mitts and cleats with the roaring of a sold-out stadium crowd in the background. Most of the characters wore Padres uniforms. Pitch looked like a baseball show that happened to have a female lead.

Pitch is so much more than baseball, and the show doesn't put so much emphasis on the sport that viewers need to be baseball experts. The show is about Ginny Baker and her struggles in a professional sport dominated by men. It's a show about Amelia the agent, Mike the veteran catcher, and Blip the all-star outfielder. You don't need to know a pop fly from a ground ball to enjoy the stories. You just need to enjoy nuanced characters in an exciting setting, because Pitch has those aplenty.

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