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The Sons Of Anarchy Spinoff Is Moving Forward, Here's What We Know

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Everybody, get ready to hear the most non-Charming story of 2016, as the highly anticipated next epic saga in the Sons of Anarchy universe just got some amazing news. FX has announced the spinoff Mayans MC, co-created by Kurt Sutter and Elgin James, has been granted a pilot order. And while that's obviously not as amazing as someone handing all of us a Blu-ray full of already-produced episodes, today is better than every other day that came before it, for now our hope rings as loud as the motorcycles.

Mayans MC has been in the development phase for quite a while now, as the massive Sons of Anarchy fandom craved more stories, and Kurt Sutter recognized that hunger. It just took a little time to get the brotherhood of ducks in a row and for Sutter's schedule to open up enough to lay the groundwork, and things started going really smoothly once the punk extremist-turned-filmmaker Elgin James got involved. The spinoff's social media machine has recently been hinting at big news coming, too, so the timing couldn't be better for FX's decision to order a Mayans MC pilot.

The story of EZ Reyes will be at the heart of the spinoff. EZ is joining the Mayans MC charter that's set on California's border with Mexico. He's a prospect, so he's got his work cut out for him, especially as he's dealing with both a vengeful anger against the cartel and a woman he loves that doesn't seem to respect him. We know how lots of prospects stories went on Sons of Anarchy, so if EZ is going to rise up through the ranks, we can bet that whoever starts prospecting with him is going to die a horrible death. This crystal ball has someone's blood on it, in any case.

It's confirmed that Mayans MC will take place in a timeline after Sons of Anarchy, which means certain cameos from certain SAMCRO members would have to come in flashbacks, if they happened at all. And, unfortunately, we still don't really know what other characters will be involved. It looked like Mayans vet Marcus Alvarez was destined for it after actor Emilio Rivera got overzealous with his Internet postings, but then he backtracked on it, so even his involvement is still more wishy-washy than Tig's sexuality.

Obviously there still isn't a premiere date or anything for Mayans MC, since it's only now gearing up to make that initial episode. But things would have to go pretty sour during the production process for FX to turn this project down. Here's hoping we don't make it to 2018 without getting to see this violent and complicated world back on the small screen. In the meantime, check out our midseason premiere schedule to see what's coming up.

Nick Venable
Nick Venable

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