Why Chicago Fire Went With That Dawson And Casey Twist

Spoilers for the most recent episode of Chicago Fire, "One Hundred," can be found throughout this article. If you aren't caught up, please check out one of our other excellent articles.

Network dramas and even comedies for the most part wouldn't be complete without a complicated romance, and Chicago Fire has one of the most prominent. Lieutenant Matthew Casey and Gabriela Dawson have had an on-again, off-again connection throughout the NBC drama's run, but have been more together during Season 5. During the big fall finale---which also happened to be the show's 100th episode---Chicago Fire gave audiences a big moment by having Casey and Dawson get married in a small, intimate ceremony. According to executive producer David Haas, there's one big reason why the show decided on a wedding for the 100th episode.

Well, we certainly hinted at it through the course of not only this season, but the previous two seasons. You can only do that so many times before you start upsetting people. I think with the addition of Louie into their lives, solidifying them as a family, and the longing for Casey to be not just Mom and Matt to Louie, but Mom and Dad, it felt right.

Per TV Line, he's certainly right about pushing the will-they or won't-they plotline too hard. I can think of other shows that did that for years and by the time the wedding happened it was less exciting for fans. (Here's looking at you, Bones.) Beyond this, 100th episodes of shows are often really special. The CW's Arrow pulled out all the stops for its hundredth episode just a short while ago; intriguingly, that episode also featured a wedding of sorts. The timing was good, so why not? Unfortunately, despite the wedding making the threesome an adorable little family, there might be something, or, more accurately, someone threatening that family when the show returns this winter.

If you caught last night's episode, there was plenty of drama and the wedding was a really nice moment for fans amidst that drama. Casey and Dawson got married not with a huge ceremony but with something more intimate---and a scene that was likely cheaper to shoot. The couple were married in a civil ceremony with a few of their firehouse pals and Dawson's brother Antonio. Oh, and Louie was there, too. Unfortunately, things weren't all that great in Louie-land, as the young tyke's dad showed up wanting custody back. That's basically how the series left things, and, unfortunately, we won't know until the show comes back in January how things will shake out.

Currently, the major networks are finishing out their fall TV seasons. Luckily a lot of shows seem to be getting early January return dates. You can check out when your favorite shows will be back with our midseason TV premiere schedule.

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