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The Hilarious Scene From Con Man Season 2 That Nathan Fillion Fans Will Go Crazy Over

Big spoilers below for Con Man Season 2. If you don't want to have this spectacular moment in your brain before watching, please read one of our other fabulous articles.

If you woke up this morning thinking it was going to be a great day, you were onto something, for today marked the Season 2 premiere of Alan Tudyk's laugh-a-minute series Con Man. Fans, as well as new recruits, can watch Tudyk's put-upon actor Wray Nerely trying to legitimize his career in the second season, all with the help of Nathan Fillion's superstar Jack Moore. And it's Fillion that's at the heart of a scene that executive producer P.J. Haarsma is most excited for fans to see. Here's how he described it during a recent Con Man conference call that CinemaBlend took part in.

One of the things that, when we were putting the script together, we didn't think would ever get shot was the whole idea of the skin-cap that Jack Moore has to wear. So we were very excited for everybody to see that and what the response would be. And when they have seen it, at the cons, it's been a very big, giant gasp when Nathan takes off the fake wig and shows the skull-cap.

Bald Nathan Fillion. The sound of that is enough to send shivers up and down one's spine, since Fillion always looks like he just stepped out of a photo shoot for one of those giant pictures on a hair salon's wall. Not that being bald is a bad thing - we could all stand to be a little more like George Costanza - but no one expects Captain Malcolm Reynolds (or even author Richard Castle) to sport a shiny dome. Although that would make an interesting look if Firefly ever came back.

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I have seen the scene in question, and it is every bit as shocking and hilarious as P.J. Haarsma implied. I won't go into the details behind the moment here, since that's not necessary, but suffice to say viewers at home will do just as those at the various cons did, and gasping will be a synchronized activity for anyone in the room.

Schedules worked out so that Nathan Fillion could be a bigger part of Con Man Season 2, and fans get to watch the ego-driven Jack Moore attempting to spin a feature film out of the short-lived sci-fi series Spectrum. Thankfully, the actor doesn't have the pride of his character. Here, P.J. Haarsma talked about how he and Alan Tudyk weren't all that optimistic they could get Fillion to do it.

Alan and I were like, 'Okay, we'll go over to his house on Tuesday. We'll break it to him on how we're gonna do this.' And [Fillion] was like, 'Oh, no, that's fantastic. Let's do that.' . . . . He was totally into it. He thought it was hilarious.

For anyone who watches Con Man Season 2, which should be all of you and then some, this moment could very well go down as one of the most memorable Nathan Fillion moments in his entire career. It's that gorram good, and barely anything happens.

Con Man debuted the first two episodes from its sophomore season over at its new home on Comic-Con HQ, where you can also find the entirety of Season 1, as well as many other genre-friendly TV shows and movies. To see what else you'll be able to watch every week as Season 2's episodes are released, check out our midseason premiere schedule.

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