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One Storyline Victor Garber Definitely Doesn't Want Legends Of Tomorrow To Do

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Legends of Tomorrow has already taken its crew of Legends on plenty of crazy adventures through time and space over the first season and a half. They've visited huge moments in history and crossed paths with major historical figures. Star Victor Garber has one event in history that he's hoping the show avoids. He had this to say about an incident he'd rather avoid:

Write me off the Titanic. I've been there, I don't want to go back. I think that's a sacred territory; I don't think it would be wise to go there.

Victor Garber has had a long career filled with a wide variety of projects, but many might know him best for his supporting role in the 1997 film Titanic. He played ship designer Thomas Andrews, who - spoiler alert - chose to go down with the ship and ultimately drowned. It wasn't quite as sad as Jack freezing to death because Rose couldn't share her door. Still, his death was pretty heartbreaking. Garber's reveal to that he hopes the Legends stay away from the Atlantic circa April 1912 is understandable, all things considered. No matter what you think of Titanic, it was effective at showing the scale of the tragedy and the toll of lives lost. Legends of Tomorrow might be too silly and fantastical to tackle the Titanic respectfully.

That's not to say that Legends of Tomorrow hasn't covered serious subject matter and huge tragedies. The entire first season revolved around one man's desperate quest to stop his wife and child from being brutally murdered by a madman who was taking over the world, and the Legends have run into plenty of death and destruction. Most of the death and destruction, however, has involved fictional tragedies, only affected the bad guys, and/or been undone by timeline tweaking. Stopping the Titanic from sinking would be way too big of a time aberration for even the somewhat reckless Legends to risk. All in all, it just might not be fun if we had to watch the Titanic go down on the small screen.

Of course, part of the fun of Legends of Tomorrow is watching the Legends dress up in period costumes, attempt to blend in, and then improvise when everything inevitably goes wrong. I've lost count of how many times we've seen Sara wearing formalwear to battle bad guys in days gone by. 1912 could be an enjoyable era to watch the crew visit; we don't necessarily need to see them on board the Titanic.

The Legends have enough on their plates at the moment that they might not have the chance to do a lot of side missions anytime soon. The Legion of Doom discovered the means to track down the Spear of Destiny, Martin has an adult daughter who didn't exist until a couple of episodes ago, and the midseason finale just bizarrely revealed that Rip Hunter was somehow transported back to 1967 to adopt an American accent and direct a movie. We knew that Rip would be coming back for the second half of Season 2; I don't think any of us would have guessed "directing movies as an American" as what he's been up to since his disappearance.

Legends of Tomorrow is currently on hiatus until 2017. Check out our midseason TV premiere schedule to see what else you can watch in the new year.

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