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Why The Big Bang Theory Won't Show Us Bernadette's Birth

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Amy and Sheldon aren't the only two Big Bang Theory characters getting busy. In fact, Bernadette found out she was pregnant last winter, and thanks to the fun of the TV break during the summer, she's pretty much been pregnant for what has felt like forever and what has been, in actuality, 11 months. All of that is about to change during The Big Bang Theory's fall finale this week when Bernadette has her little tyke. Regardless, showrunner Steve Molaro says there is one thing that The Big Bang Theory will not be doing this week: showing us the birth. Here's why...

That's an arena that has been covered fairly well on many shows over the years. [The episode will focus on] what goes on before we get down to, 'Let's push the baby out.'

To be fair, there are a lot of shows that have gotten down to the nitty and gritty of childbirth. Current shows that come to mind include the birth-filled Call the Midwife and This is Us, which spent much of its first episode showing us Mandy Moore's character while she was in labor. The Big Bang Theory really relies on the joke-joke-joke format, and while there could be some funny comments made while Bernadette was popping the baby out, Steve Molaro told TV Line that he doesn't feel like there is much new comedy material to be had out of that particular plotline.

(Image credit: Photo courtesy of CBS)

Plus, if I had to guess, the average Big Bang Theory viewer isn't watching to see Bernadette sweat it out in the hospital while she pushes out her baby. We can see why The Big Bang Theory would save the big moment for the midseason finale, but simply seeing her with the baby should be swell enough. Plus, the birth may indirectly have an effect on another big plot that will be a part of the midseason finale.

Just a few days ago, we reported that we are getting close to the annual Sheldon and Amy coitus scene. While the episode is supposed to be "magical"---as in, it will tie into the Harry Potter franchise--the arrival of Bernadette's baby reportedly may stop the two from making it in the bedroom this year. I'm very, very interested to see how that whole thing plays out.

At least poor Bernadette won't have to deal with her onscreen pregnancy for too much longer, and at least Steve Molaro was correct when he said that story would wrap up sometime during the fall season.

The Big Bang Theory airs on Thursday nights at 8 p.m. ET, only on CBS. While the show is wrapping up for the midseason break this week, it will be running in reruns on the Eye Network through the holidays. It will return to the schedule on Thursday, February 2, although we don't know how much longer the series will be running as a whole. To find out when the rest of the network TV programs are coming up, check out our midseason TV premiere schedule for new and returning dates.

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