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Netflix Is Dropping Scrubs, Zach Braff And Aaron Paul React

Fans of both Scrubs and Netflix might already have noticed this, but if you haven’t been keeping tabs, Scrubs is set to be the latest Netflix casualty. The show was expected to leave the streaming service at the beginning of the month, but thanks to some slick negotiation tactics, Netflix was able to keep the comedy for an additional month. Now, Scrubs is expected to be pulled from the subscription streaming service on February 4. We’re not happy about it. Lots of Netflix subscribers are unhappy about it. And Scrubs lead Zach Braff and Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul are most definitely unhappy about it.

This week, Braff took to Twitter to talk about his dismay over Netflix and Disney being seemingly unable to negotiation to keep Scrubs on the service, pulling the outspoken Aaron Paul into the conversation.

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Apparently, at the time, Paul wasn’t even privy to the fact that one of his favorite comedies was being pulled from Netflix. The two then had the following amusing exchange, causing Scrubs to trend on the social media site and bringing more prominence to the fact that Scrubs might leave the streaming service

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It’s always kind of fun to see celebrities talking in a regular context about entertainment stuff average human beings are also interested in—especially if the amusing exchange leads to real change. If there’s anything a mob of people can get behind, it should be keeping popular shows on Netflix. Luckily, all hope is not lost. Currently, Netflix and Disney are in negotiations to keep the series on Netflix—at least for a little while longer.

Thanks to the nature of contracts, Netflix is constantly adding and subtracting to its available content. Earlier this month, reports indicated that a good chunk of the currently available BBC shows would be gone from the service at the end of the month, including Doctor Who. However, deals were worked out to keep some of the shows on Netflix, while others are expected to be pulled. A lot of times Netflix will rework contracts to maintain programming its users like. But sometimes shows do fall by the wayside, as was the case with Battlestar Galactica earlier this year. In any event, if you are powering through the series right now, we suggest you spend ample time binge-watching this weekend.

Update: Good news, kids. The power of social media has worked, and Netflix and Disney have worked out the deal to keep Scrubs on for a bit longer. This is not a Battlestar Galactica situation, after all.

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