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Glenn's 3 Best Moments On The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead has spent six and a half seasons so far piling gruesome tragedy on top of gruesome tragedy, but Glenn Rhee consistently made the zombie apocalypse funnier, more hopeful, and much more exciting. Unfortunately, Glenn's time on the show came to an end in the Season 7 premiere when new bad guy Negan bashed his head in with a baseball bat. The Walking Dead hasn't felt the same without him in the episodes since. Now, in honor of actor Steven Yeun's 33rd birthday on December 21, we've narrowed down six seasons of awesomeness and picked Glenn's best three moments from his time on The Walking Dead. Check 'em out!

the walking dead season 3 glenn

3. Glenn Saves Himself With Duct Tape

Season 3 was the first time that the Atlanta survivors faced off against a truly human threat with the Governor and his minions at Woodbury. Glenn and Maggie were captured by Merle while on a formula run for baby Judith, and Merle decided that he would have his revenge on Glenn for the conflict in Season 1 that led to Merle chopping off his own hand. He beat Glenn to a bloody pulp, duct-taped him to a chair, and gave him two options: he could either reveal the location of the prison or be devoured alive by a Walker.

Well, Glenn went the badass route and chose Option #3. When Merle loosed the zombie on him, Glenn busted his way out of the chair, used the duct tape on his arms as armor, and stabbed the Walker through the head with a piece of chair debris.

the walking dead season 6 nicholas glenn

2. The Great Dumpster Escape

Season 6 was a rough time for Glenn as he faced near-death experience after near-death experience. The first time he really seemed like a goner came when he and Nicholas found themselves stranded on top of a dumpster. Because Nicholas was the worst, he shot himself in the head, spraying Glenn with blood and knocking them both down into the horde. Glenn was on his back, pinned by Nicholas' body as the zombies began to feed, leading fans everywhere to believe that he had actually died.

As we (eventually) learned, however, falling into a horde of zombies beneath a fresh body wasn't enough to kill good old Glenn. He managed to wedge himself beneath the dumpster and wait out the horror that surrounded him. He didn't give up on Nicholas until the very end, and he didn't let Nicholas' suicide stop him from making his way back to Maggie. Bravo, Glenn.

the walking dead season 1 rick glenn

1. Glenn Saves Rick

Glenn was one of the first characters that Rick met in the zombie apocalypse way back in Season 1. He made his debut in the pilot with the immortal line of "Hey you, dumbass" over the radio after Rick got himself trapped in a tank surrounded by Walkers. He proceeded to save Rick's life by giving him a route out of the tank in the second episode, and he risked life and limb to bring Rick into the safety of the department store. The other survivors gave Glenn grief for saving the stranger, but it gave us our first look at the pizza delivery boy who would become a zombie apocalypse hero, and it was fantastic.

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