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All of us here at CinemaBlend hope that you had a wonderful Christmas season. Between presents, delicious food, and not having to go to work, it was definitely a jolly good time. We're apparently not the only ones who wanted you to have a good holiday season as well; Marvel Entertainment released a Christmas video featuring the entire Luke Cage cast exclaiming Luke's yuletide-themed catchphrase, and it was absolutely as awesome as it sounds. Check out the video below to see it for yourself.

Marvel Entertainment released that video yesterday in honor of the most wonderful time of the year. Despite the inherent darkness and grittiness of the Netflix Defenders universe, I will never tire of the joy incited by watching the entire cast of Luke Cage saying the titular protagonist's iconic "Sweet Christmas" catchphrase over and over again. It really cuts to the core of the show's campiness, and fully embraces its Blaxploitation comic roots. To put it bluntly: it's awesome.

Of course, the video obviously saves the best for last and allows Mike Colter to send it out with his own utterance of the legendary catchphrase. Charlie Cox and Krysten Ritter seriously raised the bar incredibly high with their respective performances as Matt Murdock and Jessica Jones, and Colter managed to live up to that high standard in wonderful fashion, expanding his JJ supporting role into a formidable lead. He had the unenviable task of adapting one of the seemingly least adaptable characters in the entire Marvel mythos, and he completely pulled it off. With the character now fully established in his Netflix-based Harlem home, we have a distinct feeling that Luke Cage will soon utter his catchphrase with even more regularity -- and we are completely on board with that idea.

Luke Cage Sweet Christmas

Luke Cage's catchphrase has become one of the most signature aspects of the character over the course of the last few decades, and it has evolved with the hero over time. It went through a number of different variations over time, ranging from "Holy Christmas," to "Sweet Sister," before ultimately solidifying at the legendary "Sweet Christmas." It's been a long journey to a fully realized live-action universe, and the hero's newfound popularity likely means that sweet Christmas isn't going anywhere.

CinemaBlend will bring you any and all relevant information concerning the future of The Defenders universe (as well as the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe) as new information becomes available to us. For example, get all your Luke Cage Season 2 news here. In the meantime, Finn Jones' Danny Rand will be the next hero to join this universe when Iron Fist debuts on March 17, 2017. Stay tuned for more awesome details!

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