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Watch The Grand Tour's Jeremy Clarkson Argue With Co-Hosts In Hectic Trailer For New Special

Amazon's unscripted series The Ground Tour was born of a tumultuous situation that saw former Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson getting fired over an altercation with a producer, so perhaps it's not too surprising that the still-new series is already playing up Clarkson's antagonistic nature. For the upcoming two-part special that will take the show to Namibia, viewers will apparently get to see non-romantic sparks fly between Clarkson and his co-hosts Richard Hammond and James May. Check out the amusing awkwardness in the trailer below.

I mean, if you're going to start a trailer with someone declaring their hatred for Jeremy Clarkson, you'd better be able to follow it up, and this trailer teases some righteous smack-talking will go down between the trio. It's all somewhat tongue-in-cheek, but it wouldn't be surprising if those tongues were forked and sharper than needles, at least temporarily. We know that Richard Hammond and James May are tethered to Clarkson for the long haul, as they opted out of their own Top Gear returns to stick with him, but everyone here is outspoken and confident, so it's actually more shocking that every Grand Tour trailer doesn't feature an argument or two.

After that initial declaration, we see Clarkson getting left behind when his buggy doesn't start. He's later trying to smooth over a mystery situation, but Hammond has none of it, pointing out that Clarkson was to blame for whatever it was. May is next seen saying that everything was going well apart from Clarkson. FRICTION! And it all ends with Clarkson and Hammond poking fun at May's repeated use of the word "misfire," so that could very well be an inciting factor itself.

For the two-parter, The Grand Tour producer Andy Wilman points out how useless dune buggies are, and the three presenters attempt to prove him wrong by taking off on an epic off-road trek across southwest Africa using buggies that were built with each host's specifications. It's often hard to spend just a few hours in the same car as family and friends for the most pleasant of road trips, so it's understandable that this far-longer venture would take its toll. Especially when there is desert heat involved.

There was initially some speculation that Amazon paid way too much for The Grand Tour, but the show has proven to be the service's biggest breakout hit, with major global success. Not that all the attention it gets is legal, since The Grand Tour was also revealed to be the most illegally downloaded TV show of the year. So you can rest assured there will be millions upon millions of eyeballs locked on screens when May is pointing blame-y fingers at Clarkson. Now if you don't mind, all that sand has made me thirsty.

You can find The Grand Tour trekking up and down the planet when new episodes hit Amazon every Friday. The special will change things up a bit, as you'll be able to find Part 1 debut on Friday, December 30, with Part 2 hitting the very next day, on December 31. To see what'll be making it to the small screen in the new year, check out our midseason premiere schedule.

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