The Arrow-verse has come a long way since Oliver Queen escaped from his hellish purgatory on Lian Yu. Although we started with a simple vigilante, we now have adventures involving speedsters, aliens, and even time travelers. While Arrow, The Flash, and Supergirl tend to get all of the fanfare, Legends of Tomorrow often gets the short end of the stick. The zany series maintains relatively strong viewership, but it definitely draws lower ratings than the other Arrow-verse shows. This means fans of series like Arrow and The Flash likely aren't tuning in.

We think quite a bit of this phenomenon can be attributed to Legends of Tomorrow's lackluster first season, but the series has seriously moved on since then. On that note, we have compiled a list of reasons why fans of shows such as Arrow and The Flash should consider giving Legends another chance. Legends of Tomorrow has improved considerably over the course of the last year, and arguably no aspect of the show has improved more than its central bad guy...

The Show's Villains Got Way Better After Vandal Savage

There's no beating around the bush on this one; Casper Crump's Vandal Savage was one of the worst villains in the history of the Arrow-verse, and he was unquestionably the least engaging central antagonist The CW's DC Universe has ever seen. He was simply creepy for all of the wrong reasons, and he seldom felt like a real threat. That said, Season 2 of Legends of Tomorrow has seriously upped the ante by introducing a downright awesome Legion of Doom for our heroes to square off against. Between Damien Darhk, Captain Cold, Malcolm Merlyn, and Reverse-Flash, it's a "who's who" of classic Arrow-verse baddies. These guys are charming, menacing, and (most importantly) legitimately interesting. With far better antagonists in play, the drama and stakes have been raised considerably.

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