The Man In The High Castle Renewed For Season 3 By Amazon

amazon man in the high castle

Amazon has become a major player in the streaming video biz thanks to some of its stellar original series, and The Man in the High Castle was a standout success over its first two seasons. Now, Amazon has some good news for fans who were hooked into the alternate history dystopian drama from the very beginning. The series has officially been renewed for a Season 3, and a big behind-the-scenes change could mean a breath of fresh air as The Man in the High Castle further explores the world in which the U.S. lost World War II.

The Man in the High Castle will have a brand new showrunner for Season 3. Eric Overmyer - of HBO's Treme, Showtime's The Affair, and Amazon's own Bosch - will tackle the top job as the show movies forward. Former showrunner Frank Spotnitz left the show halfway through the production of Season 2, and no one was appointed after his departure, with the second half of Season 2 tasking the existing production team with sharing the duties of managing the show. Overmyer will work as both showrunner and executive producer on The Man in the High Castle in the third season, and though he did not contribute to the series at any point during its first two seasons, Amazon was clearly pleased enough with his work on Bosch to trust that he can keep The Man in the High Castle going strong.

Amazon has not announced how many episodes will be produced for the third season. Given that Seasons 1 and 2 both ran for ten episodes each, however, a ten-episode Season 3 is highly likely. Unfortunately, we probably won't get to see any of those episodes for a while. In fact, if Amazon keeps to its trend from the first two seasons, we may not get Season 3 until late 2017. Still, the news of a renewal is at least a solid excuse to rewatch Seasons 1 and 2, and to get everyone you know caught up.

The show got off to an impressive start when it hit the web in 2015. The Man in the High Castle became the most-watched series in Amazon Prime history after its very first season. The second season kept up the momentum as it premiered with the highest number of viewers in a debut weekend of all the original scripted series produced by Amazon. Season 2 first became available on Amazon on December 16, 2016, so Amazon clearly isn't wasting time when it comes to moving forward on new episodes. All things considered, the Season 3 renewal isn't as huge a surprise as what the show's characters are going through, but it's encouraging to see that Amazon continues to have a great deal of faith in the star-studded series.

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