Luke's Best Gilmore Girls Moments, According To Scott Patterson

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Although it's a few months old at this point, fans are still wowed over Netflix's Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, the miniseries which brought back all of the characters from the WB's long completed comedy. Since the original series was cancelled so suddenly, both the fans and cast were able to finally get some resolution, and find out where the various denizens of Stars Hallow would end up. Now the question is: will there be another season in the future? It's currently unclear, but the cast hasn't really stopped their non-stop string of press appearances since A Year in the Life's release. Case in point: Scott Patterson, who just revealed his favorite Luke moments from the show's long tenure.

Scott Patterson, who plays the lovably grumpy Luke Danes on Gilmore Girls, recently spoke to the good folks at Entertainment Weekly. When asked about his three favorite Luke moments, he revealed number one is likely he and Lorelai's long awaited first kiss.

One of the top moments is the first kiss with Lorelai, and then Kirk interrupts by running naked through us.

I think every diehard Gilmore Girls fan would agree with that one. Luke and Lorelai's mutual attraction was painfully obvious for the audience, but it took the two characters a bunch of relationships and quite some time to finally make a move. Eventually, Luke would kiss Lorelai during the practice run at the Dragonfly Inn, only to be interrupted by Kirk and his naked night terrors. Typical.

Scott Patterson's other two favorite moments were no less iconic, although decidedly more rage fueled. Luke has always had a bit of a temper, and is known to go absolutely bonkers on the crazy townspeople of Stars Hollow- as well as his surly nephew Jess. In Season 2, he and Jess were having a hard time cohabitating in the small apartment above the diner. After looking for new apartments, Luke gets frustrated and returns to the place with a sledgehammer. He bashes a hole in the wall and tells Jess to get to work.

Luke's final moment comes from the Season 4 premiere "Ballroom & Biscotti". The character that Luke most feuds with is Town Selectman and overall pain in the ass Taylor Doose. When Taylor opens a candy store next door to Luke's thing reach a boiling point. During an argument with Taylor in the store, Taylor warns Luke that his hand was dangerously close to some of the merchandise. It's then when Luke thrusts his hand inside the bucket of candy, and proceeds to contaminate and throw whatever candy he could get ahold of. This surely wasn't the first time that Luke and Taylor would butt heads, and it wasn't the last.

Do you agree with Scott Patterson's favorite moments? Did he miss any? Sound off in the comments below.

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