The Flip Or Flop Divorce Is Happening, But That Doesn't Mean The Show Is Done

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Two of the most recognizable faces in the world of DIY TV, Tarek and Christina El Moussa, have had their private lives on display ever since it was revealed their marriage was crumbling, in part due to a disturbance last summer. Efforts to resolve the issues were apparently unsuccessful, as it's being reported Tarek as officially filed for divorce from his wife of around eight years. But Flip or Flop fans will be pleased to hear that these personal setbacks won't stand in the way of the show's future on HGTV. For now, at least.

In filing the paperwork, Tarek El Moussa cited "irreconcilable differences" as the motivation for ending his marriage with Christina, but according to TMZ, both parties are agreed to move forward with episodes of Flip or Flop. That said, there isn't exactly a timeline for how things are going to play out. The paperwork also calls for joint custody of the El Moussas' two children, Taylor and Brayden, and apparently there's also a request for Christina to pay Tarek spousal support, with an additional request that all Christina's attempts to get money from him be blocked by a judge. I'm guessing it'll take a little bit to sort that stuff out, the same as it took a while to sort out what led to this point.

Flip or Flop only just came back to continue its latest season as the popular home realty/renovation series enters its fifth year on HGTV. At least seven more episodes are lined up to run through February, but it's unclear if the network will keep everything as is, or if episodes will get shifted while the strategy for future productions is ironed out.

It takes a lot of a specific kind of courage to work such a high-profile job with a spouse that one is happily married to, and that emotional input gets wildly thrown out of whack once said couple is no longer happily betrothed. Some people don't even like getting text messages from exes, so having to be on TV with one sounds complicated, to say the least. It probably helps that they both built their real estate empire together, both on and off the TV screen, so that likely helps to push the more emotional stuff in the background.

You can currently watch Flip or Flop on HGTV on Thursday nights at 10:00 p.m. ET. Hopefully everything works out accordingly to keep all parties happy, while also bringing fans the El Moussa's dependably entertaining occupational foils. Head to our midseason premiere schedule to see everything else that you can fill your primetime hours with in the coming months.

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