Will Grey's Anatomy Reveal Jo's Abusive Husband? Here's What The Actress Says

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In just one week's time, many TV fans will get what they've been waiting for. Because the winter hiatus for popular TV shows is ending, ushering in new weekly stories for TV audiences to enjoy. Next Thursday marks the return of ABC's TGIT- with all three of Shonda Rhimes' dramas returning. Chief among them is the long running medical drama Grey's Anatomy, and the midseason finale left quite a few questions to be answered. Season 13 revealed that Jo Wilson is actually an alias, and the young surgeon is currently on the run from her abusive husband. But when are we going to meet this villain?

Actress Camilla Luddington has played Jo for the past few seasons of Grey's Anatomy. Luddington recently opened up to TV Line about her character's mysterious husband, and when we can expect to meet the unseen character. She said,

I think it'll happen when things are going well between them --- because that's how Grey's Anatomy works. They're in such a desperate situation right now, so I don't think it'll happen immediately. But maybe by the end of the season.

It looks like we'll have to wait a while before meeting Jo's husband. Grey's Anatomy simply has bigger fish to fry when it returns, so Jo's abusive relationship is being put on the back burner.

Grey's Anatomy last ended on a major cliffhanger for Jo's love interest, original cast member Alex Karev. Last season ended with Alex nearly beating DeLuca to death, with Season 13 largely focusing on Alex dealing with the consequences of his actions. The midseason finale saw Alex going to turn himself into the District Attorney and taking on the many charges that he was in the process of battling. But when his name was called by the DA's assistant, we saw a moment of doubt on his face and the screen cut to black.

Camilla Luddington's comment seems to imply that the focus on Alex's career and legal issues will continue through the back half of Season 13. It's entirely possible that we'll see Karev either in custody or fighting for his freedom in court. As such, there will be less time to bring Jo's husband into the picture. Rather, it's more likely that the ex will show up when things have calmed down a bit. In typical Grey's fashion, he'll probably walk into Grey Sloan Memorial as soon as Jo and Alex have finally reconciled. And Alex won't be able to fight him.

There are also quite a few other stories to follow when Grey's Anatomy returns. The love triangle between Meredith, Riggs, and Maggie is still happening, as is Bailey's struggles as the chief of surgery. Plus Amelia is going bonkers, but that's exactly what we've come to expect over the past few seasons.

Grey's Anatomy will return to ABC Thursday, January 26th.

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