My Super Sweet 16 Is Making An MTV Comeback

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It's becoming more and more common to see revivals of popular TV series hit the networks, cable channels and streaming services. I suppose we should not be surprised when any revival is announced, but I still felt a little jolt when I learned MTV would be reviving its former hit My Super Sweet 16. That's right, the series featuring uber wealthy 16 year olds getting exactly what they asked mommy and daddy for, all while wearing over-the-top outfits, is making a comeback.

The cable network has spent a lot of time building a lineup of scripted originals in recent years, but let's face it: reality TV is much cheaper to produce, which could be a major motivation for bringing My Super Sweet 16 back. The original series lasted for three years (although that counted as eight seasons) and a sum total of 61 episodes--although it was a very memorable series on MTV about a decade ago. Now that a whole new generation is growing up, we can check in on the latest parties and compare them to those from the show's original heyday.

Per EW, who landed a casting notice for the new series, the new version of My Super Sweet 16 won't be wholly birthday focused. Girls going through the process of debuting in society via a ball or who are celebrating their quinceañera may also be included on the reality series. So, it looks like it won't strictly even be people aged 16 getting into all the fun. The major component will still be super rich boys and girls throwing the party of the century, though.

Obviously, the series is just getting into casting, so it should be a while before My Super Sweet 16 returns. MTV is currently staying mum about what exactly we can expect, so we don't know whether or not the show will delve into some celebrity parties, like it did in the past. The network probably won't get Jennifer Lawrence to star in a promo this time around, though.

MTV is currently dealing with a bit of a lineup transition. Scripted original Awkward ended last spring, and Teen Wolf is ending on the network very soon, after it hits its 100th episode milestone. It's likely that the cable channel wants some more originals in its lineup that are recognizable, which could explain why a revival like My Super Sweet 16 is happening. We'll let you know once MTV officially announces the revival, and hopefully things will be a bit clearer at that point.

For now, midseason TV is just getting back into full screen. To find out what's coming up or when your favorites are returning, take a look at our midseason TV premiere schedule.

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