MTV's Super Sweet 16 Kicks Off The New Year With New Episodes

I’d be lying if I said that MTV’s My Super Sweet 16 wasn’t one of my biggest TV guilty pleasures. I enjoy the series for a number of reasons. Whether it’s to see what kind of glamorous parties these kids get their parents to throw for them, to roll my eyes as the spoiled girls scream and stomp to get their way or to get a secret pleasure at seeing them throw a tantrum when something goes wrong, there’s always a reason to watch. So I’m pretty excited (please don’t tell anyone) that MTV is set to air two new episodes back-to-back on January 1st.

At 10:00 p.m on New Years Day., Alicia’s episode of My Super Sweet 16 will air. Alicia is a French Canadian blonde whose parents are giving her a Moulin Rouge themed party to celebrate her sixteenth birthday. As a fan of that movie, I’m eager to see how the theme works in party form. I’m not quite as eager to see Alicia perform a dance to “Lady Marmalade” and at the same time, a little disturbed that her parents are allowing their teenage daughter to do a dance to a song about a hooker. Then again, that’s pretty much the whole theme of the party when you think about it and at this point, nothing about My Super Sweet Sixteen should surprise me anymore.

At 10:30 p.m., immediately following Alicia’s episode, we’ll get to see Chanae’s party. TThe daughter of a preacher, Chanae's parents are throwing her a rock star theme party and what better place to throw such a bash than the Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame? Unfortunately for Chanae, her glammed up shindig breaks the budget so drama is sure to ensue.

After each episode airs, viewers can visit the My Super Sweet Afterparty website to view extra footage and Q&A’s with the teens and their parents.

Kelly West
Assistant Managing Editor

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