Sales Of The Mary Tyler Moore Show Have Skyrocketed Following Her Death

the mary tyler moore show

Last year was a year filled with tragedy as numerous legends of the stage and screen passed away, and 2017 has gotten off to a pretty rotten start thanks to the death of comedienne Mary Tyler Moore yesterday. She passed away at the age of 80, and an outpouring of grief at her death and celebration of her life has come out in the day since. As it turns out, her career is also being honored via sales of her show. The sales of The Mary Tyler Moore show on Amazon have absolutely skyrocketed since news of Moore's death broke.

The DVD set for the first season of The Mary Tyler Moore show was ranked at 7,020 in sales at Amazon Movies and TV (opens in new tab) prior to her death. Twenty-four hours later, the first season is ranked 14. The bump represents a 50,042% rise in sales over the past day, which is... pretty astonishing, all things considered.

The Mary Tyler Moore Show Season 1 isn't the only Mary Tyler Moore project to make it to today's list of the biggest gainers in Amazon sales. In fact, the 13 best-selling products in Movies and TV are all about Mary Tyler Moore. Every season of The Mary Tyler Moore Show that is currently available on DVD made the list, as well as a couple of box sets. Collections of The Dick Van Dyke Show rank at 9 and 10. Three of Moore's movies have also sold phenomenally over the past day. Ordinary People ranks at 7 and 12, Change of Heart comes in at 11, and Thoroughly Modern Millie occupies the 13th spot.

Mary Tyler Moore's projects got their first big boost on Amazon in the hours after the announcement of her death yesterday. The Mary Tyler Moore Show sales jumped up by 23,000% and The Dick Van Dyke Show rose by nearly 5,000%, according to TMZ. For any who thought that sales might drop off after the initial heartbreak at her death passed, today's sales numbers may come as a surprise.

The Mary Tyler Moore Show is also doing well on iTunes. The series has been so popular over the past 24 hours that Season 1 made it onto the list of the top 10 of TV seasons downloaded. I wouldn't be surprised if the number of people searching for Mary Tyler Moore shows on streaming video sites skyrocketed, as well. Netflix subscribers are out of luck on the Mary Tyler Moore Show front, but all five seasons of The Dick Van Dyke Show are available. Hulu subscribers can access the first three seasons of The Mary Tyler Moore Show on top of all five seasons of The Dick Van Dyke Show.

The passing of Mary Tyler Moore is still tragic, but the knowledge than plenty of people are reacting to her death by celebrating her life in the spotlight may help ease the pain. She was a groundbreaking actress and comedienne, and it's only right that folks relive her accomplishments in the wake of her death.

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