A Sons Of Anarchy Alum Just Joined Kevin Can Wait

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If you were to come up with a TV show that sits on the opposite side of the fictional spectrum from CBS' freshman sitcom Kevin Can Wait, you have trouble finding a better example than the death-dealing Sons of Anarchy. (Can you imagine Kevin James going head to head with Jax Teller?) In any case, one of the FX drama's standout performers, actor Kim Coates, is soon heading to Kevin Can Wait, and it doesn't sound good at all for the show's titular lead.

Kim Coates won't be wearing Tig's SAMCRO cut when he heads out to Kevin Can Wait's Long Island setting, but he will presumably still be quite intimidating, as he'll take on an upcoming guest spot as Terry, who has been Kevin's overbearing nemesis for years. The pair have a shared history that was soured in some way, and everyone is interested in keeping that bad blood locked up. Unfortunately, both Kevin and Terry are trying to book their local church as the setting for their respective daughters' weddings, which probably won't result in a lot of apologizing and goodwill.

Kevin's daughter Kendra, played by Taylor Spreitler, is one of the offspring getting married, with Ryan Cartwright's Chale as her future husband. It'll be interesting to see who else Kevin Can Wait will cast to play the rest of Terry's family, assuming he won't be trying to handle this situation all by himself. It's probably too much to want Walton Goggins to step in as Terry's lover. (Venus Van Dam 4-ever!)

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An acting veteran since the late 1980s, Kim Coates became a superstar thanks to Sons of Anarchy and his endlessly inventive portrayal of Tig Trager, and his career has been extremely steady since the show ended in 2014. Last year, he starred in both Katherine Dieckmann's drama Strange Weather and the action comedy Officer Downe, directed by a member of the metal band Slipknot. Coates was also in the Netflix comedy True Memoirs of an International Assassin, which starred Kevin James, and he'll soon be seen elsewhere on the streaming service for the western drama Godless.

This is the latest in a line of impressive guest stars that Kevin Can Wait has brought to viewers over the course of its first season. We've seen comedians that Kevin James has frequently worked with in the past, such as Jim Breuer, Adam Sandler, Ray Romano and Adam Ferrera. Even Billy Joel appeared on an episode, which it seems like Tig would appreciate.

Kevin Can Wait airs Monday nights on CBS. If you're looking for other shows to catch up on in the still-new year, head to our midseason premiere schedule.

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