Adam Sandler Is Returning To Network TV For His Buddy Kevin James

Adam Sandler has been headlining Netflix films for the last year or so, so he's technically been around on the television circuit. Regardless, there's definitely a difference between doing movies for a subscription streaming service and popping up on a major network television program, and it's the latter that Adam Sandler will be doing very soon. He's set to join his pal Kevin James on an upcoming episode of the brand new sitcom Kevin Can Wait.

Adam Sandler has already filmed his episode and will be popping up in Kevin Can Wait very soon. He's set to guest star in the November 7 episode "Who's Better Than Us." In the episode, Adam Sandler will play Kevin's former police partner who recently acquired a newer, younger and fitter partner. Per CBS, that new partner, Nick, will be played by UFC Champion Chris Weidman. Photos from the episode seem to indicate that Sandler and James will attempt karaoke and more during the episode. Meeting up with his old partner might be a little hard for Kevin, however.

adam sandler and kevin james

The timing for this announcement is a little suspect, as it was only yesterday that we learned Kevin Can Wait dealt with some behind-the-scenes drama leading to showrunner and co-creator Bruce Helford leaving the drama. He was replaced Rob Long, and soon after, this magical news about Adam Sandler hit our ears. If this is a case of a show burying bad news with good news, I don't hate it.

Adam Sandler and Kevin James have been friends for a long time. They've worked on a slew of projects together, most notably in the Grown Ups franchise, but also I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry, Pixels and the Hotel Transylvania animated features, among others. Outside of the projects the two comedians have achieved together, Adam Sandler has done a few other TV guests stints in recent years. He popped up in an episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine during its first season. He also weirdly chose to do a cameo on Jessie. And way back in the day, he even appeared in an episode of The King of Queens---also a project starring Kevin James.

Kevin Can Wait did solid numbers through it's first few outings, but heading into the end of October the ratings faltered a bit. Perhaps what the show really needs is another big guest star to recharge and move forward. If you'd like to give Kevin Can Wait a chance, you can tune in when new episodes air on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET, only on CBS. In addition, if you'd like to see what the networks have coming up at midseason, check out the latest version of our TV premiere schedule.

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