Pete The Cat Will Love His White Shoes In New Amazon Series

Pete The Cat Book

There's a group of people scratching their heads at this headline, and there's a group that 100% understands and is not surprised about this project. For those of you who are lost, Pete The Cat is a popular children's book series written by American author Eric Litwin and illustrated by artist James Dean. Since 2008, Litwin has been making Pete The Cat books that have been a hit with young children. Now, with the help of a talented team, Pete The Cat will be heading to Amazon Video.

Amazon has ordered 14 episodes for the inaugural season of Pete The Cat. The series will feature the "groovy" cat playing his guitar, riding a skateboard, and presumably loving his shoes as well. The series, which was picked up by Harper Collins after the first book independently launched and sold 8,000 copies, has around 34 books currently, so there is ample source material to pull from for the time being. Not that content will be a problem, as Amazon has enlisted the help of a very talented group of individuals.

For example, Jeff Marsh, who you may know as the creator of Disney's Phineas and Ferb, will be developing the series. Phineas and Ferb appealed to a wide-ranging audience and was often noted for its witty pop culture references, and it should be a good model for success if Amazon Video wants Pete The Cat to be a hit. Marsh managed to make Phineas and Ferb a success on both Disney and its sister channel Disney XD, and that track record shows he is capable of doing the same for this series. Marsh will be coordinating the development of the series along with Appian Way Productions.

Pete The Cat is about many things, but Pete's guitar and love of music serve as some of the themes that make the cat so groovy. As such, the series has already scored some high profile musicians as voice actors for the series. Amazon has locked down Grammy winner and musical legend Elvis Costello to play Pete The Cat's dad. They also managed to get Canadian Jazz artist (and wife to Costello) Diane Krall to voice Pete's mom. We could've assumed that there would be singing with Pete The Cat, but who knew the cast would be so star studded!

Pete The Cat has a universal appeal and is translated and published in 13 different languages worldwide. It's safe to say kids in many countries will be eager to see the "groovy" cat moving and in his own animated series. The series is slated to begin in 2018, so you (and your kid/niece/nephew) will have to wait a bit. Luckily, we've put together a midseason premiere guide with plenty of premiering shows to help you pass the time until it airs.

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