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Why Kevin Sorbo Is Upset With His Former Hercules Producers

Kevin Sorbo in a garden as Hercules.

Many Hercules have come and gone since Kevin Sorbo, but few have achieved the same success the actor and his team had with their 90's television series. The series would go on to spin-off to create Xena: Warrior Princess and from there, and the group behind the series would also go on to produce shows like Ash vs Evil Dead. The producers of the series seem happy to bring back past actors and actresses onto new projects, and now Sorbo is beginning to wonder why his phone hasn't rang since his cameo in Xena: Warrior Princess. Sorbo, who seems upset by the snub, shares his frustration, saying:

I loved it down there --- I lived there for seven years, on the lake in Takapuna in Auckland, and I miss it. I've been back for a couple of Comic-Cons, but other than that... And it's funny, because the same group of guys that did Hercules are now doing Ash vs Evil Dead, and they did Spartacus before that. And they didn't have me back down once! I was going, 'Really?' I actually emailed the producers. I think they're kind of jerks not to bring me back down again... I do.

Sounds like Kevin Sorbo is not too happy with his former showrunners. It's understandable, considering the collaborative efforts the team put in on Hercules only furthered their success in Xena and the aforementioned efforts of the producing team. When you start going down the list of actors who have appeared on at least two of these shows, you begin to notice Sorbo might be onto something. Of course, the most famous example is Lucy Lawless, who has had decent roles on both Spartacus and Ash Vs. Evil Dead after her tenure as Xena. You also, of course, have Bruce Campbell, but you can't really have Ash Vs. Evil Dead without Ash right?

Besides those two there is a healthy handful of actors and actresses who have either appeared on Hercules or Xena and have later appeared on Spartacus or Ash Vs. Evil Dead. But while Kevin Sorbo may have some validation in that, he's also been very busy in his own right, which he does concede to ScreenerTv. In addition to his upcoming appearance on this week's episode of Supergirl with Terri Hatcher, Sorbo has also had a plethora of other television, film and gaming projects over the past few years.

Needless to say, Kevin Sorbo will have work regardless if the phone ever rings from the team of Ash Vs. Evil Dead, but it's a shame they haven't called him. Of course, there are always two sides to a story, and we even reported a couple years ago about Sorbo getting his own show with the producers of Hercules, so what's really going on? Sorbo fans will be able to catch him on Supergirl Monday, March 6th at 8 pm ET on The CW. If Supergirl isn't your jam then make sure to pop on over to our midseason premiere guide and find something else to get into!

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