Danny Masterson, Star Of Netflix’s The Ranch, Is Under Police Investigation

Danny Masterson and Ashton Kutcher in Netflix's The Ranch

Thanks to The Ranch, Danny Masterson is back in the spotlight after a relatively quiet acting presence following the conclusion of That 70's Show. Now, the celebrity has found himself in a situation that has him under police investigation. Police are investigating Masterson after three women have come forward and alleged that the star of the Netflix series sexually assaulted them in the early 2000s. Obviously, these are some very serious allegations.

According to Danny Masterson's PR rep, this LAPD investigation has some nuance as well as some possible ties to Leah Remini's Scientology And The Aftermath. In a released statement, Masterson's rep said that one of the alleged victims was a former girlfriend of Masterson, and that the event in question happened 16 years ago during their relationship. Masterson's rep continues in saying that the alleged victim made claims that she was raped by other celebrities during her six-year relationship with Masterson, and that the two experienced a messy breakup. So how does this tie into Leah Remini?

Going back to the statement Deadline provided from Danny Masterson's rep, it lightly implies that the allegations and source of the information are meant to promote Leah Remini's series Scientology And The Aftermath. While nothing is flat out accused in the statement, it reads as though the allegation is now coming to light after the victim came in contact with Leah Remini, who is on a well-publicized crusade against the Church of Scientology. We are left to the conclusion that the pursuit of these claims stems from the fact that Danny Masterson is a member of the church of Scientology.

While Danny Masterson's team has been commenting on the story, Netflix has not made a statement, yet. Masterson's series, The Ranch, is still in the process of wrapping up the second half of Season 2, and no release date for those episodes has been announced as of yet. It's worth mentioning that the streaming service also did not publicly comment after another actor on one of its series, Mike Smith, was arrested for misdemeanor battery charges in 2016. Smith is known as Bubbles on the popular revitalized Netflix program Trailer Park Boys. Those charges were later dropped, although that situation is different from what has been alleged against Masterson.

Overall, this investigation sounds very complicated, and not something anyone should jump to conclusions on just yet. Of course, you can expect us to keep you updated should any updates regarding the police investigation of Danny Masterson from The Ranch come to light. The Ranch is now currently streaming on Netflix, and also stars That 70's Show veteran Ashton Kutcher, as well as actor Sam Elliott. For a list of other series and shows coming to Netflix in March, be sure to check out our list here.

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