The Genius Way The Walking Dead Should End For Rick, According To Andrew Lincoln

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The Walking Dead regularly kills off characters in spectacularly gruesome ways, and actors probably have to face the reality that there's limited job security when it comes to a show about the zombie apocalypse. Leading man Andrew Lincoln is actually already brainstorming ways that he'd like his character to end his run on the show, and it's pretty genius. Lincoln explained his ideal conclusion for Rick, saying this:

This is how I want Rick to die. We're going through a desert somewhere, and I jump off the bus in a very heroic act... I jump off and I'm kung fu kicking, earning my action figure. Half way down, I get bit. It doesn't matter, I keep going. I'm just waiting to die. The final shot is me going, 'Holy shit, maybe I'm the cure!' The final shot of the whole thing is a high shot of a herd of zombies coming. Rick gets up and follows the tracks to go see Carl. The herd comes toward him, and they separate.

Andrew Lincoln shared his idea for Rick's final act on the show during a Walking Dead PaleyFest Panel (via IndieWire), and it would definitely be an unforgettable conclusion for the character. The first part actually sounds pretty feasible; Rick has done his fair share of leaping into hordes of zombies in the hopes of protecting others, and while he's usually working more with his revolver and/or his hatchet, we've seen a few kung fu-esque kicks. The second part of his pitch is where he truly gets creative. Just imagine if we learn, after years and years and years of watching him avoid being bitten at all costs, that he was immune! Something tells me plenty of viewers would be saying "Holy shit!" as well.

As slightly bonkers as the idea is, it also makes a certain degree of sense. Rick and Carl have both managed to survive situations in which they probably should have been chomped to death by zombies. Maybe the final episode could include the twist that it wasn't simply because the writers wanted to keep the Grimes family in action. Maybe the finale could reveal that Rick had zombie immunity in his bloodstream and had passed it on to his son, and so the Walkers instinctively shied away from biting them at the very last second. Rick's immunity wouldn't mean anything for poor Judith, but it would bode well for any future kids if he and Michonne really do start a family someday.

Of course, unless Andrew Lincoln wants out of the show and/or AMC inexplicably decides to cancel The Walking Dead, we probably don't have to worry about seeing the end of Rick any time soon. He's still going strong in the comic series, and it's hard to imagine how the show could continue without Andrew Lincoln leading the action. Most of the characters' lives are always at risk, but Rick is probably safe from being killed off. Who knows? Maybe he will last long enough to live out Lincoln's plan for his final act.

We'll have to wait and see. You can watch new episodes of The Walking Dead on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on AMC, and be sure to take a look at our midseason TV premiere schedule and our summer TV premiere guide.

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