Spoiler warning for anyone who isn't up to date with The Walking Dead through the start of Season 7.

With its title a pretty big clue about how the balance between the living and the deceased works out, The Walking Dead has probably given TV audiences more dead bodies than any other show in history, and a whole lot of them came into existence in the most horrifically disgusting and sickening ways. Because there are few things more enjoyable than talking about the goriest things that cable networks are allowed to show, here are the grossest deaths in The Walking Dead's run to this point. Grab a raincoat, because it gets pretty wet.

9. Otis

Otis was probably a great guy to people at some point, but his time on The Walking Dead was mired in controversy, beginning with Carl's gunshot wound. It was while on a medical supply run with Shane that Otis met his quick doom, and it was a particularly nasty one. After Shane shot and sacrificed the benevolent farmhand for the "greater good," Otis became snacktime for a huge pack of famished walkers, and they stretched and ripped and chewed the skin on his arms and legs and torso and other places. Perhaps thankfully, viewers was spared several more degrees of awfulness due to Otis' death being filmed in the dark.

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