Is Legends Of Tomorrow For Real With That Big Betrayal?

Warning: spoilers ahead for Legends of Tomorrow. Don't read any further if you haven't seen "Fellowship of the Spear."

Don't call them heroes; they're Legends. We're given that exact advice week after week whenever we watch Legends of Tomorrow, and tonight proved that we should finally start taking that advice. These guys really aren't heroes. Just when the team thought everything would go their way, everything turned to crap. The Spear of Destiny has officially fallen into the hands of the Legion of Doom, and Mick Rory decided to switch sides upon seeing his newly resurrected buddy, Leonard Snart. It's a major betrayal, and a huge setback for the team, but has Mick really switched sides?

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On tonight's episode of Legends of Tomorrow (you read that in a Super Friends-esque narrator's voice, right?) the Legends made their way to the battlefields of WWI. As is typically expected from a show like this, things took an incredibly bizarre turn as the team met up with a young J.R.R. Tolkien, found the blood of Jesus Christ, and finally managed to assemble the Spear of Destiny -- even in the face of Leonard Snart joining the Legion of Doom. However, things took a dark turn in the final minutes of the episode when Mick Rory decided to abandon his friends to side with his old partner in crime to become a fifth member of the Legion. Now the Legion of Doom has the Spear, as well as two of Central City's best street-level criminals.

This twist was insanely unbelievable, and by that, I mean I don't believe it. Heatwave has come farther than any other character in the series (with the possible exception of Sara Lance) since his initial introduction, and it would feel odd for Legends of Tomorrow to abandon all of it after so much progress. After all, Mick Rory is a guy with far more mental fortitude than he gets credit for; he managed to come back from his time as Chronos, AND he has regularly been the member of the team to come up with meaningful solutions to more complex problems. Beyond that, he is the one "member" of the Legion of Doom who doesn't seem particularly happy to have the Spear of Destiny during the final moments of the episode. He's not happy about where he is, and he may soon do something about it.

What we know about next week's episode will likely only serve to amplify Mick Rory's sense of remorse over what he has just done. Titled "Doomsworld," the upcoming episode will quite literally put the team through hell, as the Spear of Destiny will be used to create a custom torture for each of them -- such as Ray working as a janitor at S.T.A.R. Labs, and Professor Stein working for Jax in a laboratory. Mick has already shown that he has a fully functional regret gland (based on how he feels about what he did to his family as a child) so seeing the fruits of his villainous labor might ultimately prove too much to keep him as a member of the Legion for long.

This situation is further complicated by the trailer for "Doomsworld" that just debuted online. Check it out below:

Sure, we see Mick and Nate riding in a car together, but the trailer offers us no real context regarding why they're together at all. Mick may have returned to his team at this point in the episode, or he may simply be conducting typical henchman work by driving Nate off to certain doom -- pun intended. Only time will tell for certain.

What do you think of this development? Do you think Mick Rory as actually gone (back) to the dark side, or do you think it's all one big ruse? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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