Fear The Walking Dead Is Making A Big Change Behind The Scenes

Luciana covered in blood in Fear The Walking Dead

Fear The Walking Dead is changing things up. But before you begin to panic, don't worry, it's likely something you won't immediately notice. AMC has announced current showrunner Dave Erickson will be stepping down from his role following the conclusion of Season 3. While this can happen when a network or series is looking to make a change, this specific situation seems a bit different.

Dave Erickson's decision to walk away from his showrunner duties doesn't sound like a dismissal for poor performance. In fact, Fear The Walking Dead's first two seasons have positioned it squarely behind The Walking Dead as the second most watched drama series on ad-supported cable television. Erickson will remain with the series as an executive producer, and Variety adds that he will go on to develop new shows for AMC and SundanceTV under his new deal after his work on Season 3 is complete. Season 3 of Fear The Walking Dead is currently in production, and is on track to premiere later in 2017.

As for Dave Erickson's next move for AMC, the sky seems to be the limit. In addition to co-creating Fear The Walking Dead alongside The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman, Erickson has many other television accolades of note. He served as a writer and producer for the short-lived AMC series Low Winter Sun, which featured The Walking Dead's, Lennie James. Outside of AMC, Erickson has also written for shows like Netflix's Marco Polo and FX's Sons Of Anarchy. While I'm sure it will be tough for the cast to see him depart Fear The Walking Dead, you can't help but be a little excited for what Erickson can cook up next given his past resume.

As far as what we know about Season 3 of Fear The Walking Dead, details have been a bit sparse. We've heard bits about how Travis is going to be a badass, how former Buffy The Vampire Slayer actress Emma Caufield will be joining the series, and some particularly spoilery details regarding Daniel.

With production underway, and San Diego Comic-Con approaching in July, I wouldn't be surprised if we start seeing at least some teasers here within the next few months. Sadly, it seems all but certain Season 3 will not be airing in early April like Season 2, but with Chris Hardwick developing a new show for AMC fans should have something to help them wait until we finally have a release date.

No word on who will be stepping in for Fear The Walking Dead Season 4 following Dave Erickson's departure as showrunner, but we'll be telling you as soon as we hear. Were also keeping an ear to the ground for any other release dates for shows so be sure to check out our midseason premiere guide and Summer premiere schedule to ensure you're in the loop on every new show coming out!

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