Major spoilers below for anyone still waiting to watch The Walking Dead's Season 7 finale.

Last night, The Walking Dead ended the polarizing Negan-omics of Season 7 with a bang, or rather many of them, though none were the ones that Rick initially intended to hear from his explosives. Characters died -- R.I.P. Sasha -- while others were merely injured; some with more mental than physical pain. And when the smoke cleared in Alexandria and its perimeter, and the survivors were visibly accounted for, it was fairly obvious where some of the story will be going in the future, as Negan made it quite clear he wants a war.

But what about all the narrative points that we still don't know about? What about the moments in "The First Day of the Rest of Your Life" that didn't fully resolve these characters' situations? Those are the questions we'll be focusing on today, and let's kick things off with one of the three characters that have already been namechecked. here.

Why Does Negan Keep Trusting People?

Negan is responsible for building up one of the most villainous armies in modern fiction, and his list of redeeming values consists of "hating rape" and "pancake art." And we've seen him attempt to give each captive member of Team Family the benefit of the doubt in assuming they'll come over to the "I am Negan" side of things, but it's never really clear why he's so willing to trust the people he should consider his biggest enemies, or even the people within his ranks that are sexual deviants. So why does this monster keep putting his faith in people even after being given proof otherwise? Is it really just because humans are such a big commodity now?

Can Eugene Ever Redeem Himself?

Whenever Eugene was first taken hostage by Negan, it seemed as if the wily and honesty-challenged survivor was biding his time within The Sanctuary in order to form an unstoppable plan to take the deadly tyrant down from within his own community. But it appears that's not really the case at all, and Eugene barely hesitated in declaring his Negan nomenclature when standing before Rick, Rosita and the rest of his former friends in the finale. He supplied Sasha with the means of ending her own life, which is almost unforgivable, as cool as Sasha's walker emergence was, and it's surprisingly unclear if Eugene can ever come back from his recent ugliness. Sasha may have faith, but we're a bit more thin-skinned than that.

Is Morgan All Good With Killing People Again?

In an upward-swinging arc that's been in motion for a while now, Morgan seemed to fully come to the realization during the season finale that it really is impossible to keep an ongoing existence without being able to permanently stop an enemy. He definitely looked like his "life is precious" mantra was reformed within his mind to exclude The Saviors and, by default, those turncoat Scavengers. Morgan was perfectly cool using his stick to kill off a threat, and he was just as quick to snatch up a gun and start blasting people alongside Rick. So does this mean he's all good with killing now, or will he eventually fall back on "going clear" as his answer for everything?

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