Could Rick And Morty Actually Get McDonald's To Bring Szechuan Sauce Back? Here's The Latest

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Rick And Morty has started a movement, and it's actually reaching people who matter. Fans who witnessed the surprise Season 3 premiere released on April Fools Day are petitioning McDonald's for one thing, Szechuan sauce. What started as a quasi-joke ploy for McDonald's to bring back a limited-time item the show creators once liked has now gained some momentum thanks to someone actually involved in creating McDonald's food. Check out the following social media exchange.

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The name Michael Haracz may not mean much to you, but you've likely eaten his food before. Haracz is the Manager of Culinary Innovation for McDonald's, and if anyone is going to pull the trigger on bringing back Szechuan sauce, it's this guy, or at least someone this guy knows. Haracz joined the fast food chain in August of 2015 and has been helping McDonald's modernize its menu to match consumer's tastes ever since. Offering a long gone menu item at the request of an adult animation series is definitely innovative, but will McDonald's actually get schwifty with it?

It's definitely possible. After all, Disney is developing a live-action Mulan film, and considering the original Szechuan sauce was released as a promotional item for the animated Mulan, I see no reason why it can't make a comeback for the upcoming adaptation. That film's release is still over a year from now, however, and who knows how Rick And Morty fans will feel once the dust settles on this ridiculous but awesome movement? Does anyone actually remember how this sauce tastes, or all we all taking the word of Rick Sanchez as gospel?

Bids on legit packets of Szechuan McNugget sauce are skyrocketing on eBay, ranging anywhere from 10 to 400 schmeckles (or dollars) just so people can get a taste of this 90s promotional item. That kind of money would've bought you 2,400 McNuggets in 1998, just so you're aware of how much times have changed. I'm genuinely curious where these packets have been stored, as the item has not been in stock for nearly two decades. If you do plan on bidding on any of these sauces, be careful, as many people are simply selling photographs attempting to trick you into giving up your hard-earned money. (Total Rick move.) Then again, you're willing to pay top dollar for McNugget sauce that's been out of circulation for nearly 20 who's really getting tricked?

If this is what one episode of Season 3 of Rick And Morty can do to the world, I can't wait to how see the rest of them fracture 2017. Rick And Morty will officially kick off Season 3 later this summer on Adult Swim. We'll be sure to keep you updated should we get an official date, and you can bookmark our summer premiere schedule to make sure you don't miss out on the true premiere! Don't get too ahead of yourself, though, as there's still plenty of shows left on our midseason premiere guide you don't want to miss!

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