Tonight, Better Call Saul will return for its highly anticipated Season 3 premiere and it'll take us even further down the complex rabbit hole that is Albuquerque, New Mexico. The show had a tough road ahead of itself when it debuted in 2015 in the shadow of the acclaim magnet Breaking Bad, but over the course of the last two seasons, Better Call Saul has done a phenomenal job of honoring the flagship series' continuity while not enslaving itself to it. This has allowed the drama to feel like an extension of the world we know, while also standing firmly on its own.

That said, we already know that more fan-favorite characters are going to continue popping up in Better Call Saul soon. With Gus Fring set to debut this season, it's only a matter of time before more classic characters from Better Call Saul's predecessor begin showing up with more frequency. On that note, we have taken it upon ourselves to compile a list of Breaking Bad characters that we want to see come in future episodes of Saul. We have quite a few examples to get to, so let's get started with two of Saul's most trusted workers.

Huell Babineaux & Patrick Kuby

The first entry on our list is actually a package deal of Breaking Bad standouts. Saul Goodman has never really been known as a guy who likes to get his hands dirty as a criminal mastermind (and we are using that term generously), but he has always needed people to go out and do that dirty work for him. That is where Huell and Kuby come in. These two knuckleheads were Saul's loyal security guards, investigators, enforcers, general laborers and more during the events of Breaking Bad, and we are absolutely dying to figure out how they came to be such loyal employees of everyone's favorite criminal lawyer.

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