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With the exception of Iron Fist, Marvel's Netflix series have pretty much received universal praise across the board. Arguably no Defenders series epitomizes that more than Jessica Jones, which turned out to be an enormous hit when it debuted back in 2015. Jessica's story is set to continue when the series' highly anticipated second returns to Netflix next year, and a ton of new characters are set to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe for Jessica Jones Season 2. As it turns out, some of these characters may actually be Marvel classics hiding in plain sight.

Many new Jessica Jones characters have been announced, and the folks at The Hashtag Show seem to think that many of them are existing Marvel personalities. Kicking off the list is a male scientist in his 60s known as Dr. Kirby. In reality, the assumption is that Kirby is actually a mad scientist from the comics known as Karl Malus and that he will have an affiliation with the mysterious IGH organization. Considering the importance IGH has played in the creation of characters like Jessica Jones and Kilgrave, this seems like it definitely has some credibility.

The next possible character is an "intelligent" and "driven" male character named Presley. Although the name is different, the general assumption for Presley is that he is actually the lothario mercenary known as Paul "Paladin" Denning -- a character with strong ties to The Defenders. He has a long history in the street-level corner of Marvel comics, and his history with Daredevil could make him a strong contender to potential crossover into Matt Murdock's territory down the line. Check out a picture of the character below.

Marvel Paldin

Stylish, right? Next on the list is a series regular named Oliver. He's a man of slight stature in his mid-30s with high intelligence and an artistic streak. Figuring this one out has been a bit tougher, but the primary hypothesis seems to be a Marvel character named Otis Johnson -- a man with Luke Cage's abilities, but without Cage's imposing physicality.

After that, we have arguably the hardest character of the bunch to accurately pin down. Named Ingrid, this Jessica Jones personality is a bisexual woman in her 30s who is trained as a nurse and has a tough, street-smart personality. One possibility that has been toyed around with is that this character is a gender-swapped version of Ian Soo -- a man who received powers from the Terrigen Mist in the comics.

However, another (and possibly more likely) candidate for Ingrid is the mentally ill supervillain known as Typhoid Mary. Mary is a very popular Marvel mutant with telekinetic and pyrokinetic powers. She has deep connections to Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Daredevil, so she's an excellent candidate to enter the fray this season.

Marvel Typhoid Mary

All that said, we cannot confirm or deny any of these character possibilities. There's evidence to support them, but we will have to wait and see what happens as the release of Jessica Jones' return draws near. Season 2 of Jessica Jones is currently expected to make its Netflix debut sometime in 2018. Here's everything we know about the upcoming run of the hit series.