You ever sit back during a commercial back to look at your own life, wondering how all those characters on TV are scraping by? You really shouldn't stress over such things, since our lives aren't crafted by well-paid writers. And while it's true that some real-life Americans are living lavish existences beyond their means, it usually involves something illegal, and still doesn't match up to your favorite small screen characters' large-scale living. From too-large homes to sky-high expenses, here are 7 TV regulars whose jobs couldn't possibly afford their lifestyles.

Penny Hofstadter (The Big Bang Theory)

While she's now married and sharing an apartment with Leonard, Penny's early situation on The Big Bang Theory was not at all realistic on a financial front. Don't get me wrong, a server can do quite well working at The Cheesecake Factory, but I'm not quite sure you can do Pasadena-well with those tips. With some loose estimations assuming she flubs the numbers on some tips for tax purposes, I put Penny at pulling in about $1,800 a month. When you then put some of the features of her apartment -- one bedroom, hardwood floors, dishwasher -- into some apartment listing sites in the Pasadena area, absolutely nothing comes up in terms of feasible results. The site I used couldn't even find a slum apartment for Penny to sleep in!

Pasadena is a city where rent just below $2,000 is considered a steal and even applying some inflation into the equation, there's almost no way Penny could've swung that rent so early on in the series. Maybe she had a secret slush fund somewhere, or perhaps Leonard floated her some cash considering he was splitting rent with Sheldon?

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