Ed O'Neill Just Explained What's Going On With The Married With Children Spinoff

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If Al and Peg Bundy could stay married throughout the eleven seasons that Married with Children was on the air, not to mention the years before and after, then it's easy to assume that anything could happen, right? Anything like maybe a Married with Children spinoff centered on son Bud Bundy, right? Well, star Ed O'Neill had something slightly less enthusiastic to say about the rumored project when asked if it was going to happen.

I don't think so, I think we're finished...David Faustino pitched an idea to Sony about Bud moving back in the old house and being divorced and his ex-wife moves in, too, with his best friend and they're struggling and Al and Peg are in Vegas --- they won the lottery. And that was the idea, but I think they hit some legal problems. People who have to sign off on it wouldn't, so I don't think that's going to happen. And Katey and I would only have been able to do one or two a year because we're contracted --- well, she was, now I certainly am. But it doesn't look like that's going to happen. But you never know.

You know, with all of the current revivals and reboots populating the small screen, I hadn't really been too worried that David Faustino's plans for a continuation of Married with Children would get squashed before at least a pilot got produced. Sure, I get that nothing is guaranteed in the modern market when streaming and delayed viewing skew rating measures, but the ribald sitcom almost single-handedly turned Fox into a major network (with the other hand presumably down the front of one's pants). I really thought everyone involved would turn the cogs in order to get this thing in motion.

David Faustino recently spoke up about the potential return of Grandmaster B after months of no updates, and mentioned the legal issue that Ed O'Neill brought up, though he couldn't go into specifics about it. It sounds like a handful of network or studio execs are just unwilling to let the comedy see the light of day, which is possibly a damned shame. This is the face I've made for the past 20 minutes.

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First brought to fans' attention nearly two years ago, the Married with Children revival was indeed set to center on Bud Bundy, and Faustino was the one spearheading it. The other cast members didn't take long to show their support by saying they'd all be involved in some capacity. As O'Neill stated most recently, he would definitely only be around for an episode or two each season (assuming it would make it to two), and the same would probably go for anyone else working a regular gig, although cable shows do have much different shooting schedules than network series. But now I guess no one has to worry about finagling any schedules at all.

O'Neill, who shared this bad news with AOL Build while discussing Finding Dory, did get to work with Faustino not too long ago - in the loosest sense of the word "work" - when the younger actor made an appearance on Modern Family in Season 4 as the venerable Tater. Sadly, Faustino and O'Neill didn't even get to share a scene together, which made the cameo all the more strange.

Now, we wait for the next morsel of news about the future of this long-gestating Married with Children spinoff. While I have you, did I ever tell you the story about my high school football days?

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