Watch The Hilarious Golden Girls Parody From Jimmy Kimmel Live

As sad as it may be, all TV shows must come to an end eventually. And this year is bringing the final seasons of two of HBO's series: The Leftovers and Girls. The latter comedy created by Lena Dunham has been running for six seasons, with the series finale just two weeks away. As such, the cast has been making their rounds to promote the final episodes, including a fantastic recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! The four titular Girls (and Elijah) recently did a fantastic sketch, spoofing if the characters from HBO's acclaimed series aged into classic sitcom The Golden Girls. Check it out below.

Pretty great, right? In a perfect mixture of The Golden Girls and Girls, we see how the quirky Brooklyn 20 somethings would react to retirement. And it ain't pretty.

The clip from Kimmel opens up with everyone's favorite theme song "Thank You For Being A Friend". Substituting HBO's Girls logo into the Golden Girls title card was adorable, as were the opening credits that did an excellent impression of the beloved sitcom opening. Even the transition music from the theme song to the first scene was the same, substituting stock footage of the exterior of Hannah's apartment, rather than the home that Blanche, Rose, Sophia, and Dorothy share.

You can see how certain Girls characters are being heavily influenced by The Golden Girls. Allison Williams' Marnie Michaels has become the Blanche of her group- continuing to have quite the laundry list of sexual partners well into her 70's. Marnie has also apparently continued her poor luck in the dating world, and has been married a whopping eight times. Good for you, Marn.

Drawing another parallel from The Golden Girls is Lena Dunham herself. Despite the titular Girls being roughly the same age, Hannah's constant hijinks and nudity have made her the Sophia of the group. She's constantly getting the conversation sidetracked by her own thoughts, and acts in a way that generally embarasses everyone around her. The only thing missing was a Sophia "picture it!" moment, but maybe it got cut for time.

The other two Girls girls aren't quite as close to Golden Girls characters, but that doesn't stop making their aging any less hilarious. An elderly Jessa is just as free spirited as ever, only picking up cigarettes on her trip to the grocery store and enjoying a drip of morphine just for fun. Shoshana is still very much herself, constantly annoyed by the shenanigans of her more ridiculous friends.

And then there's Andrew Rannells' Elijah. He's apparently found the key to youth, and looks like he's still in his twenties. That secret: oil of olay and boxed wine. It's just that simple, bitches.

Overall this was a pretty great sketch, although I could have done without Jimmy Kimmel's inclusion as Hannah's stripping son. But this is a great way to celebrate Girls' final season, which is coming to an end very soon.

You can catch the final two episodes of Girls on HBO. Be sure to check our full summer 2017 premiere list to plan your next TV adventure.

Corey Chichizola
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