Why It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Season 13 Will Premiere Way Later Than We Expected

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Hopefully, fans of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia enjoyed Season 12 enough to watch it again and again, as it sounds like Season 13's release is a long way down the road. Here's what Sweet Dee actress Kaitlin Olson had to say regarding the new season of the morally corrupt comedy:

We ended up pushing our next season a year because we were all busy with separate projects this year. So at the end of this coming shooting season of The Mick I'll step right into Sunny after that.

That means that Kaitlin Olson will probably finish shooting most or all of Season 2 of The Mick before she steps on set for It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. With The Mick airing its season finale on May 2nd, and TV Guide saying writing for Season 2 will begin in June, there's no chance IASIP will get written and shot before its usual January premiere date. That either means that FXX will premiere Season 13 way later in 2018, or perhaps push the hiatus all the way into 2019. While long, the extended hiatus is to be expected with so many in the cast currently working on other projects.

Rob McElhenney, husband to Kaitlin Olson, Mac, and creator of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia is set to write Minecraft: The Movie, and he's also currently on Broadway. Glenn Howerton (Dennis) is developing a pilot for NBC and may not even return to IASIP for Season 13, depending on that show's success. Both Danny DeVito (Frank) and Charlie Day (...Charlie) are in and out of Hollywood films, so you know their schedules are probably hard to wrangle. I hate to say it, but it sounds like everyone is approaching a point where they're all too busy for the show that made all but DeVito famous.

Obviously, this hiatus does not confirm the show could be heading towards a series finale, especially since Season 14 is already set. But laying out schedules makes it seem like the writing is on the wall, even if no one is saying it. I can't imagine It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia without Dennis Reynolds, and I'm not sure if I want to. If Glenn Howerton is serious about leaving if his pilot gets picked up, you have to imagine the show would suffer, although others have thrived under absences and recasts (see: NCIS and Aunt Viv). But perhaps this extended delay would allow him to balance the two projects better.

Even if he stays, being off the air for nearly two years will affect any series, and you have to wonder if fans will hang on until potentially 2019 to see the new season. Doctor Who was able to pull it off, so surely The Gang can, too, right?

Let's hope that It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia comes back sooner than the current estimation, as another year or two is too long to wait for one of television's best comedies. You can catch Kaitlin Olson in the season finale of The Mick May 2nd at 8:30 p.m. on Fox. If you're searching for a new series following the conclusion of Season 12 of IASIP be sure to visit our summer premiere schedule. If you're wondering if one of your favorite shows is leaving check our renewal guide to see one way or the other.

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