It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia May Lose One Of Its Main Stars

One of the longest-running comedies on TV is It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and the show is especially notable for keeping the same cast for almost the entire run of the series. Ever since Danny DeVito joined the team in Season 2, we've been able to count on the core five characters of Dennis, Mac, Charlie, Dee, and Frank. Soon, however, we might lose at least one of those core five. Glenn Howerton may be leaving Always Sunny after Season 12.

Glenn Howerton told The Wrap that the show will go on an "extended hiatus" after the Season 12 finale. He didn't give a date for when the show might return for Season 13, but he did say that he may not be back as Dennis. Apparently, Howerton only plans on returning as a regular if it makes sense from an artistic point of view for Dennis. If the show is going in a direction that doesn't need Dennis, Howerton is willing to leave or at least take on a reduced role in the series.

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That said, Glenn Howerton won't necessarily be lacking for work if It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia does go in a Dennis-free direction after Season 12. He just landed a pilot gig at NBC that will see him join comedic forces with Patton Oswalt. Howerton has already made it clear that his decision to stay or leave Always Sunny won't depend on the status of his NBC project, which makes sense. Kaitlin Olson recently debuted her own comedy series on Fox without leaving her job on Always Sunny. Howerton could theoretically do the same. It sounds like everything depends on what makes sense for the Always Sunny story.

As difficult as it is to imagine a season of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia without one of the core five, Dennis is probably the one who could most logically lift out of the action. The show has dropped hints off and on over the years that Dennis is secretly a serial killer who has been leaving a trail of bodies, and I know I'm not the only one who remembers his bafflement at having feelings again or that time he educated Mac on "the Implication." Then, of course, there's the surprisingly compelling video that has examined why he might really be a murderer. Take a look:

Dennis may need to leave Philly for a while, if only to avoid the authorities and/or take his murder spree to a new locale. If any show could pull that off while still bringing the laughs, I have to believe that Always Sunny could do it. We'll have to wait and see.

Season 12 of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia has come to an end on FXX, and there's no saying when we might get Season 13, so check out our midseason TV premiere schedule to see what else you can catch on the small screen.

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