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There are only two seasons left in the Game of Thrones saga, and fans have been stuck on a hiatus for nearly a whole year now. Throw in the fact that the TV action has officially surpassed the book action, and plenty of people are looking pretty much everywhere for spoilers. As it turns out, the higher-ups at Game of Thrones went to some extreme lengths to stop spoilers leaking during Season 7 and heading into Season 8. Nathalie Emmanuel, who plays Missandei on Thrones, explained some of the ways that actors are kept from leaking secrets:

They've definitely tightened up who has scripts and how we're given them. You have to look at it digitally. They won't send it to us unless our emails have a two-step verification [security process]. You might get given rehearsal notes on set, but you have to sign for and return them before you leave. If you don't, people will chase you until you give them back!

Apparently, sticky fingers are not tolerated on the Game of Thrones set recently. Keeping secrets is a serious business if there are folks willing to chase actors to retrieve scripts! I'm sure actors getting chased down by production assistants doesn't happen often, but I bet it would make for a killer extra on a Blu-ray set. Nathalie Emmanuel's description of the security on Thrones for the final two seasons came during a chat with Fabulous Magazine (via Express), and it proves that the folks at the show and HBO really, really do not want set secrets getting out.

Of course, it's hard to blame anybody at Game of Thrones for being a little antsy about spoilers getting out. The show has had to deal with some serious leaks in years past, with sources ranging from folks who upload full episodes online before they air to members of the cast to even eagle-eyed fans who snap pics at inopportune times.

Some actors actually really hate when spoilers get out, and Maisie Williams has spoken about how upsetting they are. On the other hand, some actors aren't especially bothered. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau isn't annoyed by spoilers for some pretty awesome reasons. For her part, Natalie Dormer used to stop herself from even accidentally spoiling by refusing to read parts of the script that didn't involve her character. Nathalie Emmanuel seems okay with the lengths the show is going to in order to avoid secrets getting out.

Fortunately, we're only a few months away from Game of Thrones returning to the airwaves for Season 7, so we'll get plenty of new material without trying to scrounge for spoilers. Take a look at our breakdown of what we know so far about Game of Thrones Season 7 for a peek ahead and don't forget to check out our summer TV premiere schedule to discover all your viewing options now and in the coming weeks. Be sure to drop by our rundowns for cable/streaming and broadcast TV renewals and cancellations as well. Our TV season finale schedule can give you all you need to know about your shows ending.

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