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While the Marvel Cinematic Universe is largely known for its silver screen adventures, there's also a fair amount of TV programming coming from the studio, the best of which are streaming on Netflix. And with Iron Fist functioning as the final NYC hero, the fandom is looking forward to the Defenders miniseries uniting the motley crew in August. And now Iron Fist himself, Game of Thrones alum Finn Jones, has teased what to expect from the kung fu expert when he returns to our TV's, phones, and computers.

Iron Fist came and went with Danny Rand still getting used to his role as the living weapon, as well as returning to the world after growing up in K'un Lun. And according to Finn Jones, The Defenders will help shape him into the hero we're waiting for.

The thing [with] Danny is that we're taking an ordinary kid with a lot of issues and we're trying to iron those out first before getting to Danny as Iron Fist. And what we'll [see] in Defenders is Danny coming to terms with being a superhero. In the Defenders when he first starts, he doesn't even know what a superhero is and then he meets those guys and he's like 'WHOA. This is cool,' and by the end of it you kind of see Danny really coming to the grips with his responsibility in a much more mature way.

Finn Jones statement at Comicpalooza 2017 (via HHWLOD), give us a pretty clear picture of Iron Fist's narrative in The Defenders. And it sounds like exactly what the fandom has been calling for.

One of the common criticisms of Netflix's Iron Fist was how largely non superheroic Danny Rand was. While his skill in battle was present throughout the show, he rarely used his powers as the Iron Fist. In fact, he's not sure exactly how to use his abilities. But being among seasoned fighters and heroes like Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage will surely have a positive affect on Danny. He'll be able to see how being a superpowered vigilante works, and realize he's not quite as alone as he thought.

Anticipation for The Defenders is at an all time high, as the miniseries is only a few months away. This type of massive crossover event is a major payoff for Netflix subscribers who have followed all four MCU shows over the years. All of the world building and character development come to a boiling point, as all four heroes and their various allies will team up to battle Sigourney Weaver's mysterious villain. The first trailer was full of exciting action sequences, so it's safe to say that nerdgasms are in the near future.

The Defenders will assemble to protect New York on August 18th. Be sure to check our summer premiere list, and don't miss your favorite show's return!

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