Watch The Stranger Things Kids Crush Weezer And LL Cool J In Lip Sync Battle

The kids from Stranger Things are putting on their dancing shoes in the latest episode of Lip Sync Battle. Watch both Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin) and Mike (Finn Wolfhard) absolutely crush some Weezer and LL Cool J in the videos below, and see how strangely, er, well they did:

So, that basically solidifies that Caleb McLaughlin is infinitely cooler than I'll ever be. The Stranger Things actor absolutely floored me with that body roll move he whipped out! I was just watching LL Cool J's music video for "I'm Bad," and I think McLaughlin pulls off those dance moves even better than the hip hop icon did in his prime. LL Cool J doesn't seem to be rattled by it, though, as he sings along while McLaughlin is lighting up the stage in one of the best Lip Sync Battle performances we've seen since Taye Diggs went full-on Madonna. Can co-star Finn Wolfhard possibly compete with his Weezer tribute?

You have to respect Finn Wolfhard's love for what he would probably consider an old classic. Weezer's "Buddy Holly" was released in 1994, which is a full eight years before Wolfhard would grace this world with his presence. While he may not have the dance moves his Stranger Things buddy Caleb McLaughlin showcases, he definitely has the jumping around and guitar-shredding parts on lock. Check it out.

Overall, not a bad routine for either Stranger Things actor as we gotta remember they're still kids. It'll be a couple years still before we see them on stage booty popping like Tom Holland fearlessly did for his Rihanna performance. (Wolfhard also boasted Chrissy Teigen dressed like Barb for his Lip Sync Battle performance, which is a victory all by itself in my book.) If tasked with picking a winner based on what we saw in the videos above, I think many of us would go with the sick dance moves of Caleb McLaughlin, but let's remember this show is called Lip Sync Battle. Maybe Finn Wolfhard has a surprise on deck that we didn't see in the clip?

We'll see for sure as the Stranger Things stars clash in an all-new Lip Sync Battle on Spike May 25th at 10 p.m. ET. Thursday night also features another big TV event, which you can find on our handy guide that features all of the summer's hottest shows. Also, if you're someone who's favorite show just ended and you don't know if it's coming back head over to our renewal guide to check its status.

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