Watch Taye Diggs Go Full Madonna For Lip Sync Battle, Cone Boobs And All

On a list of things you have to see, Taye Diggs going full Madonna should be one of them. The prolific actor put on his cone boobs, or someone's, and let his body go with the "Vogue" flow for the upcoming episode of Lip Sync Battle. Check out his moves in the clip below:

That's a level of confidence many men wish they could have. There's not a hint of embarrassment to be found on Taye Diggs face or thighs as he channels his inner Madonna and goes all "Vogue" on the cast of Lip Sync Battle! Of course, Diggs is gonna have to be confident if he hopes to topple one of the biggest names in R&B, Ne-Yo, who is quite used to taking the stage for fans. Diggs definitely brought some passion to the table, but how did he do with the rest of the look?

Just because I was so critical of Kate Upton's Britney Spears costume, I feel like I have to rip into Taye Diggs a little here. By my count, Madonna does four costume changes throughout the course of her music video for "Vogue". Of those four costume changes, the iconic cone bra outfit is not one of them, as it made its debut during Madonna's iconic Blonde Ambition tour in 1990. At least it's the same era. That outfit ended up selling for $52,000 at auction years later, too, so I wonder how much Diggs can sell his for?

Minus that inconsistency and the fact that this clip from Lip Sync Battle is in color, everything else from the video is on point. The giant fans, well-dressed men, black bras, and some extensive arm choreography are all on display. Even Chrissy Teigen got in on the act as the center of some faux paparazzi. And if anyone was interested to know if LL Cool J is having a good time, that answer is yes.

LL Cool J smiling GIF lip sync battle

I wonder if Taye Diggs channeling Madonna means his opponent Ne-Yo will get all gussied up for his performance as well. I certainly hope so, as Diggs is already at a disadvantage going up against a professional like Ne-Yo! The latter's outfit looks familiar but I can't nail down who he's trying to imitate when they show him in costume next to LL Cool J. Whatever he's wearing screams '90's hip-hop to me, but it also screams AC/DC so we'll just have to wait and see.

I suppose we'll get our answer soon, as Lip Sync Battle is all new this Thursday at 10 p.m. ET on Spike. I'll be rooting for Taye Diggs, because honestly, he won it to me the minute he squeezed into that outfit. I'm sure Ne-Yo will have an impressive performance up his sleeve, too, so let's hope commitment and fearlessness play a big factor in the audience's decision, so Diggs' Madonna can be rewarded justly! With the spring TV season winding down, make sure you're up to date on what shows are returning and debuting via our midseason premiere guide and summer premiere schedule.

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