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Why We Shouldn't Worry About Master Of None's Finale Cliffhanger Too Much

Master of None Season 2

Warning: spoilers ahead for Master of None Season 2! Read ahead at your own risk!

In a mere two seasons on the air, Aziz Ansari's Master of None has become one of the most popular shows on Netflix and one of the best comedies on television. Channeling the best instincts of Woody Allen, the comedian's take on modern romance and life in the big city has clearly resonated with fans even through an incredibly frustrating and heartbreaking Season 2 cliffhanger. Fans of the romantic comedy series are dying to know what happened between Dev and Francesca, but now it seems that Ansari won't return to the Master of None universe until he has enough ideas for a good third season -- if he even returns at all. The comedian explained:

If we didn't do a third season, yeah, I'd feel bad that we wouldn't get to keep going, but I also wouldn't want to do a third season if it wasn't as inspired as what we did. And the reason we took a break between season one and season two was so we could make something that was really a step up. I wouldn't want to have it be a step back and make it not as cool as exciting. I think we need some [time] to refill the notebook.

As excited as we are for a possible third season of Master of None, Aziz Ansari's recent comments to Vulture make plenty of sense. Master of None has received near universal acclaim from fans and critics alike, and as such he only wants to return to this universe if he can craft something that will please the audience. Even if that means never returning to pay off the cliffhanger between Francesa and Dev, Ansari seems willing to take that risk.

We've seen this situation play out before with other beloved comedies like Louie, as FX similarly gave stand-up comedian Louis C.K. as much time as he needed between seasons to properly craft his stories during that particular show's run. Rather than focusing on a deadline or a set in stone return date for Season 3, Aziz Ansari intends to continue living his life to generate authentic story ideas that feel organic and lived in for the established Master of None universe.

This hesitation to return to Master of None doesn't just stem from creative integrity, however. It also derives from the fact that making the show is incredibly taxing on Aziz Ansari. The Parks and Rec alum continued:

Even just hearing the words 'Season 3' stresses me out. And being asked that in interviews stresses me out. I immediately think of a year of very hard work. Now we've just finished the season and now we have other things we want to do. I love the show, and it's the best job I have ever had to make a show with my best friend, and my whole entire immediate family.

In essence, what Aziz Ansari is trying to say is: stop bugging him about Season 3. He just finished work on Season 2 and now wants to rest up before diving back into another year from hell.

We will bring you more information related to the third season of Master of None (if it ever happens at all) as new details become available. Season 1 and 2 are currently available to stream on Netflix. If you happen to find yourself on the lookout for more information regarding the rest of this summer's television debuts, make sure to check out our premiere guide and fill out your TV viewing calendars with all of the most important dates.

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