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Luke Cage serving time in The Defenders

The summer months come with quality summer TV, and this season is going to be a particularly exciting ones for fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Because after two years and four separate shows, Netflix's MCU heroes will unite to save New York City in the Defenders miniseries event. This will be a major payoff for MCU fans, and will validate their years of viewership and support. Now just a few months away, we're starting to get new information and footage of the highly anticipated series. And Mike Colter has revealed one major new struggle that the unbreakable man will have in The Defenders.

Mike Colter has played Luke Cage in both his titular series and Jessica Jones, and will reprise his role once again in The Defenders. Regarding Luke's current struggles, Colter revealed that his notoriety and lack of a secret identity will weight heavily on the character.

It's something that we'll explore in The Defenders and hopefully in Season 2 of Cage which I start very soon. It's very different. He's out. People know what he looks like. He's not in any kind of disguise. People know where he lives. They know where to find him so it's something he has to deal with. Most superheroes don't have to deal with that and can kind of keep it separate.

This statement (which comes from MCU Exchange) seems like an interesting aspect of Luke Cage's struggle. In the first season of his series, Luke made it a point to be visible and present in Harlem. While trying to clean up the borough's corruption, he took it upon himself to be a shining example of goodness and lawfulness. But this also relinquished the budding hero's anonymity, leaving both he and his allies vulnerable. And while he managed to take down Diamondback, it came with a price.

In the Defenders trailer, we see Luke Cage still serving his time for his previous crimes. Through the events of The Defenders, it's safe to say that the crisis against Sigourney Weaver's mysterious villain will reach a boiling point, and Luke will need to break himself out of prison in order to properly join the fray. But since his arrest is public knowledge, this would turn Luke into an instant fugitive. And since neither Jessica Jones or Danny Rand use masks to obscure their identities, the rest of the heroes may quickly become accomplices. This is why Daredevil wears the costume, people!

I honestly couldn't be more excited for The Defenders to hit my TV screen. I've been sorely missing characters like Jessica Jones, and am eager to see all four heroes kicking ass and taking names. And after all, who doesn't love a crossover?

The Defenders will be released in its entirety on August 18th over at Netflix. In the meantime, check out our summer premiere list, and don't miss your favorite show's return to the small screen!

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