First Look At New Marvel’s Spider-Man Animated Series

Everything's coming up Spider-Man this summer! Spider-Man: Homecoming drops in July and will introduce a whole new era of Spidey films with the character allowed access to the massive sandbox that is the MCU. Hungry fans won't just have Spider-Man on their movie screens, though, because a new cartoon is on its way to television. Simply titled Marvel's Spider-Man, the new series hits later this summer and Marvel has just offered the first look at the cartoon in action. Check out this clip from Marvel's Spider-Man.

Ahead of the premiere of the cartoon on Disney XD, Marvel has released the first clip from Marvel's Spider-Man. The series re-imagines Peter Parker as a high-schooler first coming into his powers and learning how to balance his hero work with his homework (really standard Spider-Man stuff). The clip shows a still green Spidey stopping a robbery from the Scorpion and then battling the villain through the subway, causing untold train delays no doubt. The show looks to be heavy on the humor as Spidey continually quips to Scorpion, though, his material could use some work. This Spidey is pretty new to the hero scene, as his faulty web shooters and homemade costume prove.

The show is clearly very MCU inspired. Spider-Man's proto-costume bears more than a passing resemblance to the homemade costume Tom Holland's Spidey wears before Tony Stark gives him a more advanced new suit. Don't be surprised if Aunt May looks suspiciously like Marisa Tomei or the Vulture is packing some serious tech while looking like Michael Keaton.

Not much is known about the rest of series or how it will differentiate from the many other (and mostly great) Spider-Man cartoons that have come before it. Early merchandise teased that Miles Morales and Spider-Gwen (Gwen Stacy with spider-powers) would have a part on the show, but they have yet to be confirmed in any official way. Several classic Spider-Man villains are set to appear on the show, but time will tell if any other Marvel or Avengers will have cameos.

It's unfair to judge the quality of the whole show by just this one-minute-long clip, so it's best to save judgment until the series actually airs. As of now, it looks okay but it has its work cut out for it to outshine The Spectacular Spider-Man, which, eight years after getting canceled, is still the gold standard for how to adapt and combine the various versions of Spider-Man into something fresh.

Marvel's Spider-Man is set to hit Disney XD later this summer. Spider-Man: Homecoming is scheduled to release in theaters on July 7, 2017. To learn as much about the film as possible, make sure to check out everything we know so far about the highly anticipated film.

Matt Wood

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