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With the current and impending TV landscape chock-full of returns from series of yesteryear, almost too many came-and-went shows could conceivably get revived. One of the more promising entries on that list is undoubtedly Deadwood's potential HBO TV movie, as the dark western's fans still haven't gotten a proper farewell out of Al Swearengen and the rest. CinemaBlend recently spoke with actress Kim Dickens about Fear the Walking Dead Season 3, and I couldn't avoid asking if there's a future for Joanie Stubbs, her hats, and Deadwood. In her words:

Well, I dunno. I've read the script for the movie that David Milch has sent into HBO, so I hope they can make it happen. It's a beautiful script, it brought tears to my eyes. It was so exciting to hear those voices in my head again. I mean, we didn't read it aloud, but just to hear those voices while reading it, I just think it would be so great to go back. There's nothing on the schedule, but I've read the script, and it's amazing.

Well, I know ONE schedule that definitely needs a couple of pencilled-in changes, and I'm willing to mail pencils and day calendars to all involved if it would help bring the Bella Union and Chez Amis back to their former glory on the small screen. (Not that it would, but it was worth a shot.) While Kim Dickens obviously didn't and couldn't share any details about what she read, the fact that she has already gotten her eyes on it is definitely exciting. Plus, it's always great to know she's apparently still interested and able to head back to Deadwood if the time comes.

Normal behavior doesn't tend to bring mental joy and cheering upon hearing about another person crying over something, but I think we're okay in loving the fact that Deadwood's new script was powerful enough to bring Kim Dickens to tears. On the series, which lasted three seasons from 2004-2006, Dickens played the gloriously attired brothel madam Joanie Stubbs, who was just starting to enjoy a new romantic relationship and a new direction in life when the show bowed out and didn't return. One assumes David Milch had interesting plans for Joanie, and they've likely only gotten bigger with Dickens' fame rising over the years.

It would appear that HBO execs are the only ones standing in the way of a future Deadwood project getting the greenlight, and if the script from creator David Milch is as good as Kim Dickens says it is -- and as good as anyone in their right mind is already presuming it is -- then hopefully there's an incredibly understandable reason why no advancements have been made just yet. Maybe there are plans being made for filming locations and other behind-the-scenes issues that have to be locked down before casting contracts are drafted.

Deadwood was rumored to return as a big screen venture some years ago before the rumor mill calmed down and it was revealed that HBO would likely again be the home for the western's future. Ian McShane revealed earlier this year that David Milch's script was both finished and shipped off to HBO, and now we know that at least one of the stars has read through it. May the next report be one of official confirmations.

We'll definitely be keeping our ears on the dusty ground, waiting to hear more about the possible return of Deadwood. Until then, though, you can catch Kim Dickens every Sunday night on AMC for Fear the Walking Dead, where she's just starting to deal with the aftermath of that gigantic shocker. In the meantime, check out our summer premiere schedule to see all the new and returning TV shows hitting primetime soon.

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