Monday Night Football Is Bringing Its Original Theme Song Back, But With Some Changes

Hank Williams Jr.

Are you ready for some Monday Night Football is bringing its original theme song back, Hank Williams Jr. and all! In perhaps a morale-boosting moment after the rough and rowdy time ESPN has had in the past month and then some, Monday Night Football will again play its iconic theme for the first time in six years. Here's what we know about the revised return of "All My Rowdy Friends Are Here On Monday Night," and why it's coming back after so long.

As mentioned above, the return of the Monday Night Football theme comes with the formerly ousted Hank Williams Jr. appearing back on the network to perform his iconic song each week before the NFL action begins. The Tennessean reports that the music video for the new version of the song was shot on Sunday, and will air before the opening game on September 11th between the New Orleans Saints and Minnesota Vikings. This time, Williams Jr. won't be going at it alone, as ESPN teased two other artists will be featured alongside him for a super collaboration of sorts. The two musicians who will also be singing the theme will be revealed sometime later this week.

This will be the first time NFL fans hear Hank Williams Jr. on ESPN and MNF since he was dropped from the network in 2011 following controversial remarks about then-President Barack Obama. Williams Jr. lost his gig after going on Fox & Friends and comparing Obama to Adolf Hitler and proclaiming him to be "the enemy." ESPN's senior vice president of events and programming Stephanie Druley says she is sure there will be some controversy regarding Williams Jr.'s return to Monday Night Football, but said that ESPN viewed the song as a callback to their past and felt it was "the right time" for him to return.

In regards to the "new" element of the Monday Night Football theme, Druley says the update will surely get you psyched for a big game. As someone who frequently got pumped hearing the ever-changing original before games in the past, I'm not at all surprised. I am surprised to learn Hank Williams Jr. is sharing the spotlight with two other artists, as I have no idea who you pair that guy with on a song that has been his signature jam for so long.

Who could Hank's rowdy friends be in this case? Snoop Dogg is a big NFL fan and has that same widespread appeal that Williams Jr. does, but I'm just speculating there. With Carrie Underwood already singing Sunday Night Football's theme, and Faith Hill seemingly beyond her football crooning days, I would love to see someone other than a country artist added to this lineup. Unless it was Willie Nelson AND Snoop Dogg.

If you're interested in some quick Hank Jr. nostalgia, we've got a classic video below that you're sure to enjoy.

Hank Williams Jr. and our two mystery artists will make their collaborative debut when Monday Night Football premieres September 11th at 7:10 p.m. ET. We're still months away from football coming back, so whittle away your wait time with some great new television with our summer TV premiere guide, with runs all the new and returning shows. And also peep our renewal guide to see which series you heard about will still be around for binge-watching next season.

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