Watch A Family Feud Contestant Get Way Too Personal About What Turns Him On

For whatever reason, game show contestants often seem to forget that they're in front of both a live audience and potentially millions of home viewers, and they let some incredibly awkward moments slip past their better wishes. Take, for instance, this rather carefree and frank Family Feud chap who goes from 0 to 69 entirely too quickly once the subject matter gets a little lewd.

Okay, so I guess the subject matter was lewd as soon as Steve Harvey asked the question about what people like to have on when they make love. And considering the #2 answer was "Throbbin' Hood," there wasn't anything too NSFW about Beth's answer of "handcuffs." But then Tripp got Steve Harvey's attention with his S&M-ready pheromones, and that was all she wrote. And we all know what Tripp wishes "she" had done instead of writing, right? Tripp wanted to get cuffed like a foxy shoplifter.

But seriously, though, Tripp. You stole some of the thunder there, which was fine, but instead of just keeping things relatively light and innocent, you had to go and make it next level weird by declaring your affinity for being vulnerable. So many ways to make a quick and frothy joke that earns some laughs and keeps the show rolling along, but instead, you basically confessed to dressing up as Pulp Fiction's Gimp for Halloween every year. (Okay, so that's not really how it went at all.)

Still, there's something behind his eyes right here that belies something unsettling, like he's the inspiration for Gotham's Riddler.

I kind of want to just follow this guy around on a daily basis to see what his other interjections into conversations are like. Like if he's walking by a picnic that's being disrupted by ants, he ducks into the picnicking group and mentions that he also likes to get in people's pants while they're eating. Perhaps that's extreme. But perhaps not. (Looks up at Captain Vulnerable.) Nope. Not extreme enough, really.

Family Feud definitely shoots for these kinds of moments often enough, as these aren't the kinds of questions that Richard Dawson was asking when he was hosting the show (and smooching everything that moved). I admittedly like it when the hilarity comes from unplanned and genuinely bonkers moments, but thankfully there are people like Tripp out there who can make any situation that much more interesting.

Family Feud plays just about every day, and don't forget to watch Celebrity Family Feud this Sunday night, when Alfonso Ribeiro will show up, along with Garrett Morris, Todd Chrisley and Sara Evans. For everything playing later this year, check out our fall TV schedule.

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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