Could Glenn Come Back To The Walking Dead? Here's What Steven Yeun Says

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The death of Glenn Rhee was among the most savage and brutal deaths ever seen on The Walking Dead, so you have to imagine him coming back is impossible right? It appears the old adage "never say never," is in play here as actor Steven Yeun says he's down for a return to the series:

I will leave it open to what makes sense. I wouldn't want anybody to force anything but if it makes sense, then I am totally down.

Glenn's return making logical sense appears to be the main issue, as The Walking Dead star was bashed repeatedly over the head by Negan in the shocking opener for Season 7. Steven Yeun's words (via The Daily Telegraph) gave fans hope at Supanova event in Australia, and those who think he will return reference Glenn's last words to Maggie, "I'll find you," as evidence that the event could happen. Given his deader than dead status, how might The Walking Dead be able to pull this one off?

If The Walking Dead is planning such an event, one would have to think it would happen through hallucinations or flashbacks. Glenn's head is a little too bashed in for him to resurrect as a Walker, so any chance of us seeing an undead bug-eyed Glenn is thankfully off the table. What's more likely is that Steven Yeun could appear on the series as part of a flashback, hallucination, dream, or something similar to the vision Rick had at the end of the first episode of Season 7.

As for if it will make sense, most fans wouldn't be surprised if Maggie isn't over the death of her husband come Season 8. Hell, most fans are still not be over the death of Glenn yet. As the Survivors go to war against the Saviors, undoubtedly the losses of this war will be revisited. Let's just hope that "I'll find you," isn't a long tease to us eventually seeing Maggie meet her end in Season 8. If it's not meant to be and we don't see Yeun in Season 8 or ever again, at least we can take solace in the fact that he thinks he went off in the right way.

The Walking Dead is set to return for Season 8 this fall on AMC. Its spin-off series, Fear The Walking Dead is currently airing Sundays on the same network. Anyone rearing for some good television but unable to find anything should hop over to our summer premiere guide for all the hottest shows premiering and returning. Those who are already engrossed in some great television would do well to visit our finale guide and see how much time they have left with their favorite series.

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