How Maggie Siff Feels About Her Sons Of Anarchy Fate

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Years after the fact, Maggie Siff is commenting on that shocking Sons Of Anarchy scene that made stomachs turn and fans sad. For Siff, Tara's death on the series was a little different than the fan experience, as she shares her thoughts on the scene, some details behind filming it, and the reactions by her family in the quote below:

That was kind of traumatic. This was not an ordinary death. On one level, I was glad it was so spectacular because it means you meant something to the show. It was kind of surreal because we had stunt doubles; Katey and I were taught the fight and we would jump in and out for close-ups. But you're also watching your double enact it at full-speed. It's a long, bloody process. My mother and sister couldn't watch that episode.

Who among us can imagine watching their sister or daughter getting stabbed repeatedly in the back of the head with a carving fork, even if they know it is fake? The scene was hard to watch and, echoing Maggie Siff's words in her interview to Cigar Aficionado (on newsstands tomorrow), was not at all an ordinary death. Siff adds that a gory death ultimately means you meant something to the show, which rings true in most dramas. Still, she's previously revealed that the finality of the scene made it that much more difficult to film. For fans, the death is so brutal it might be hard to watch Katey Sagal in shows like Superior Donuts without having Gemma flashbacks.

Still, Maggie Siff must have some pride in the fact that her final scene would be the catalyst to the central story surrounding the show's final season. Kurt Sutter has talked about the death in the past having a real Shakespearean element in which both Gemma and Tara find themselves in a bad situation. Gemma kills Tara because she believes that she sold Jax out, and Tara hardens her heart towards Jax all of Season 6 because she believes she needed to do what is best for their children. Ultimately, Tara's loyalty to Jax killed her, which is some incredibly heavy stuff when you consider she would've likely been fine, had she ratted him out. How many angry emails did Kurt Sutter receive as opposed to write after that twist?

Sons Of Anarchy is long gone, but spin-off Mayans MC has a pilot currently in development at FX. So fans will just have to wait until they can jump back into that twisted world. As for Maggie Siff, she's starring in Billions which just concluded its Season 2 in May. Those looking for great summer shows to dive into will find more than a few things on our summer premiere guide. For all the finale dates for shows that are currently airing, be sure to visit our other guide right here.

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